Being a Blogger #9: Trend Topic

Being a blogger is not easy. It’s not easy at all. I mean, technically it’s not so hard, because you have to write only your thoughts on internet and everyone would be technically able to do that. The funny part is that being a blogger gets harder when you start to see what’s around the activity itself. One of the trickiest things, that sometimes people get obsessed with, are the trend topic. People get crazy thinking about it, but is it so important?

Trend topics are not something you should pay too much attention to, but it’s also something you should not ignore it at all. My answer is not so clear, i know, but it depends. It depends on what kind of blogging you want to do and what goal you want to achieve.

There are two kind of bloggers: those who follow the money and those who follow the mind.

If you want to be a blogger who follows the mind, you have the goal in mind to be creative, try always something new and connect with people. Yes, money are a thought in your mind, but it’s not necessarily the biggest problem in your life, both because for you earning money with a blog is not so important or maybe because you have already a job and the blogging is a collateral business or just an hobby.

I want to focus my attention on those bloggers who starts this journey as an hobby, but one day they will want to monetize this activity. It’s legit to do something like that and there will be the opportunity to make money in very different way (AD revenue, Merchandising, collaboration and other many opportunities). However, those blogger will have a question that need to be answered: what to do now to make things work? The key factor here is to understand how to make money.

In every business, the more people know that you exist, the more people support you and the more money you make. And how can you be sure you reach lot of people? You have also here two choices: post something very good or something people want to hear.

No, those two things are not connected. Here is my point.

You are fashion blogger. You have created your own very passionate and lovely community and you are good in writing. You know what you are talking about, you love being informed about what’s going on in the fashion industry and you show your love with very interesting post, where people are happy to share their thoughts and maybe critics. Sooner you sadly realise that fashion doesn’t pay, but gaming is the niche you need, to really thing of transforming your hobby in a job. It sounds all good, but you have no idea in gaming. After some thoughts you decide anway to talk about gaming, maybe in another blog. I tell yoi write now: your post will be trash. Maybe because you are not good in talking about videogames, maybe you are not informed enough or maybe you don’t know the gaming community.

That’s the problem with trend topic: often the most talked topic are something you have no idea about. You can’t use them, if you really want to make money. You can use them to infrom yourself about the behaviour of the internet, but you can’t use them to get rich.

In my opinion, nobody should follow trend topics, because they change very often and it can be everything…and we don’t know everything. My advice? The same you could hear from any other blogger: choose a topic you love the most and work hard. If it meant to be, you will become someone, don’t worry! And the money will not be a problem anymore.

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