Kids and Career: is it Possible?!

The very first headline i thought about this post was “Kids and work: is it possible?” but i realised immeiately that working and having a family is usual and absolutely normal. However, what about the career? That’s right now a pretty weak spot in the society. Being a good parents and also a manager, or a chairman, is it possible?

Before to say any kind of thoughts about this topic, i want first figure out with you how a good parent looks like. If we don’t find an answer for this problem, going forwards would be useless.

I don’t go too deep in this post about it, because i will write something about it, anyway one thing both parents must have for sure: time. The children, once they are born, have the priority. They must the most important thing for parents. A good mother and a good father must bring the kids to school, to the doctor, to their friend’s birthday parties and to sport and they have to spend time with them, doing things together. If parents don’t have time for another human being, who depends on them for everything, better not to have any kids at all. In this very moment we have a very huge short circuit.

If an adult wants to have a brilliant and successful career he or she needs time, energy and being focus on what she’s doing. If one of those three things misses, the entire castel of sand will be destryoed.

An adult need time to achieve greatness and success…and in a day we have only 24 hours, we need 8 to sleep, 8 to work, 2 for going to work and come back home, maybe 1 for buying some food and another one for lunch and dinner. 19 hours of 24 are used. An everage adult have only 5 hours free. We need some time to rest a little bit…do you really think a kid gives you that time? Absolutely not. And this is a normal day at work…just think if you work longer. Just let’s say you work 12 hours, because you need to do overtime, because you have a responsability position in the company and you have lot of things to do. In this case, you use 22 of your 24 hours to work. In the remaining two you are maybe too tired even to eat and the only thing you want is just go to bed and sleep. Do you really think your kids let you do that? Absolutely not!

My opinion? Once a woman get pregnant and once the man becomes father, the idea of a career must be forgotten forever. I mean, one of the two parent can still make career, but would be probably the end of the relatioship, because you can’t base a relatioship if there’s no time for the couple…and you can’t possibly be a good parents if you are never around when the kids need to. More than that, if both wants to make a career, but only one is “allowed” to do that, how the other can feel if the other fails or decided to so something else? It’s not a nice situation.

No, before to start to think becoming a parents, there’s only two questions that both potencial parents has to ask themselves: “am i ok with what i have right now or i want more?”, “If i want more, how many time and energy do i need to achieve that?”. If your answer is “I’m fine with my life and it will always be like this”, then you can start the process to become a mother/father; if the answer is no, well…woman, close the legs, man, pull it out and don’t take any risk!

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