Fashion #5: Male Underwear

Men and women are different. We all know that and there are a lot of situation where this difference is visible. However, there’s one situation were this difference is huge: shopping. More specific when we talk about underwear. No, i’m not a pervert, but if you go shopping you will realise it.

As a man i have very hard time to find something nice to wear. Yes, i love to wear some nice clothes and underwear belongs to one of those clothes. To feel comfortable with myself, i need to feel good with every single clothes i have on my body. My problem is that it’s hard to find something nice in this world, because apparently men doesn’t have to look good while wearing underwear….they are allowed to look good in underwear only if they have huge muscles, but what if i don’t have them?

It’s a nightmare for me. Men’s underwear looks trash lot of the time. Not because boxer and slips look horrible (some of them do however), but because they have no personality and they look the same. There’s no creativity at all behind the creation of men’s underwear: there are only three colours (white, grey and black) and it seems that there’s only one draft running from company to company. The situation is very sad!

I have the feeling that the market is focused only on how a woman with underwear looks and they don’t care at all of the male side of the universe. I know that this is a men’s world and it wants that women look beautyful, but what about men?

I want to have a choice. I want to do some shopping, knowing that i will have a wide choice of underwear. It pisses me off the fact that women clothes owns the 3/4 of the shops and the men’s clothes are all located in just one hidden corner. It’s not fair. In this case, i would say that men are discriminated! However, it’s not the case, because shops follow only the trends…and there’s a non-written rules in the world: mens doesn’t care about shopping.

We don’t care to do shopping. We don’t care to look nice for the woman we love or the woman we want to bang. Sometime we don’t have any kind of respect for ourselves whatsoever. For us the only thing that matter is just have some clothes on and be comfortable, although sometimes we should love ourselves a little more than that.

I love shopping. I really do. It’s weird said by a man, maybe, but what can i say? I love walking on the shopping mall, or at downtown looking for nice things to buy to look as best as i can. This is who i am and having such a poor choice of clothes drives me crazy all the time!

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