What does being a mother mean?

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a mom-dad family or two moms family. The point is that no matter what kind of family is, mother is always the mother. For a kid, she is the most important part of the family. Yes, dads are also important, but a woman approach to her son/daughter differently. That’s what it is! Why a mom is the best part of the family?

Because she will love us, no matter what. As soon as day one, when she will take us into her arms after the birth, the strongest bond in the entire world will be created and nothing will destroy it. A mom would be able to literally die for her children and she will do everything…literally everything to save them. Yes, maybe bond will be a lot weaker for lot of reason (distance, fights or other reasons), maybe it will be damaged, but never broken…and even if it will be broken, it’s never broken for real, because you can heal it. Honeslty, you can be mad at your mother for too long…i just can’t!

She will help us to feel safe and protected. I know that also the father might be there for that reason, but fathers plays a different role. Moms are there to cuddle us when we are sick, they will give us the sweetes hugs and the best kisses. Our mothers are the first ones who are there when something happens to us, the ones who will be worried as hell when we got hurt playing sports or when we are sad and we are not in the best mood ever (about being sad, mom feels when we are not ok…no reason to hide it).. They will protect us from the world as much as they can, and even if we are adult, moms will still be there to protect us as much as they can.

They will help us to know everything we need to know to live in this world. They will help us to speak, to walk, show our emotions and all those qualities we need to be good people and live in the society in the best possible way.

Moms will be proud us of everytime we do something. They will be proud if we have success and they will be also proud of us if we fail, because their love for their kids is beyond immagination. They will also be there as a mentor, but not is an obsessive way. We are free to do everthing we want, but moms will always be one step back, just to get back up when we need (and we will need it) and the will give us the best advices…advices we often don’t listen because we think to know things better, when we are not!

And they will also be very hard teachers. When we are kids we do some pretty stupid stuff, not because we want, but because we don’t know that is wrong. And in those moments mom shows all the love and the superiority in the family: only a woman can be hard with the kids, punish them, but do it with this lovely way, that only a mother can do.

Mom are the pefection on heart!

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