Being a Blogger #10: how to make MONEY with a BLOG!

This is probably one the most wanted things: make tons of money with a blog. Once you get a big community, making your blog econimically working is the for almost all of us the next step. It would unusual to say “NO” to money, when they might be potentially a lot. The question now is: how to make it happens? How many possibility you have?

You have a lot of opportunity and it’s often easy! Let’s start from the most famous and easiest way: AD revenue.

You know…the banners on every single website you love, that show you thing to buy based on your Google research. This is the most common and easiest way to earn money. The only thing you have to do is to allow Google to put some advertising on your site and then cash all the money you made with the blog. There’s nothing else you need to do. Once that the ADV are on your blog, the only thing you need to do is just keeping writing, posting, interacting with your community as you always did and see the magic happens. It sounds easy and it is also.

Another easy way is the so called “premium content“. You can choose to post some of your content for free, as usual, and other are available only if your follower either subscribe an annual plan or they pay money to unlock those contents. It’s an easy way to earn from your blog, because you need only to write your posts and decide which one is for free and which not. However, there might be the danger that your community doesn’t like that or they even can start to hate you. You must be careful on putting some “premium content” and make sure to add this option with baby steps, because if you are “too aggressive” you could lose everything you have created so far. It’s a nice option, but be careful.

The third opportunity are collaboration. One day you become so big and famous that company might call you for a collaboration. Basically they either send you something to review or they pay you to be their imagine or to do something with them. It’s a wonderful opportunity for two reason: first you can establish yourself as someone big and reliable and second is an easy way to make your community grow even more. Then, who knows, maybe it will be just for that time or maybe other companies can call you to work with them in the future.

There’s also another way to make your blog works, but it not directly related to your blogging career. What i’m talking about is selling merchandising…your merchandising. This opportunity is the most challenging one for lot of reason: marketing, investment, people involved and trends. Selling something is never easy and the more popular you are, the higher are the expectations. You need to make sure that your products are good-quality-ones, they look good, they are affordable, in few days available, and always in stock. Behind Merchandising there’s a marketing strategy, you have to shape the online shop, taking care of the legal side, and think of the investment for the production and the shipment. Which means that if you want to sell thing, you need money and people behind the scene, who work for you. It’s not an easy way to make money, but if it works, only sky’s the limit.

Theoretically, you can make money in very different way. My advice? If you are thinking about it, start with something easy to control, like putting some advertisings on your blog or making some collaborations, if you have some. Then you can start with the “premium content“, but before ask to your community and see what they have to say about it, and only after a while you can start with the merchandising.

I hope to have clarified some of your question in your mind

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