The Perfect Boss: Is it Real?

No matter where you live, where or when you work or have worked, everyone of us had the opportunity to share experiences with bad and decent bosses. Unfortunately, the majority of the time we faced the fact that bosses are often not so smart…can we say that? I had the same experiences and i always asked myself: how the “perfect” boss looks like?

It’s not for sure an easy post to write…or is it? Technically, the only question we need to have in mind is “what do we want from a boss?”. That’s been said, i’m quite sure that my answer to this question will be way much different than yours…but that’s the beauty of blogging: say your story and witness the beauty of the other’s mind working.

What do i need from a boss? The first thing i want from a boss, probably the most important one, is that he or she has to know what her or his business doing inside. It’s obvious that a boss knows how the business is going compairs to the competition and the market, but often they have no idea (or they want not to have an idea) how inside the company is working. Probably it’s too hard, too time consuming or they don’t care at all, but bosses have the feeling that everything is doing great, when it’s not. I would want a person who knows what’s going on (business and personally between people) and it’s in the first line to solve or improve things. Speaking of feelings…

Can bosses show some gratitude? I mean, they pay for the tools we use to work, but we are out there working hard every day to make sure the company makes money. Bosses all around the world will be without a job in few weeks without employees. Employees have to be nice, kind and they have to treat bosses respectfully, but the way around is sometimes a tabù. I am not talking about more money at the end of the month, it’s not always about that, but just a “thank you” or “nice job” or “i appreciate your hard work” is it too much to ask?

Honesty and truthness. A boss is supposed to lead a bunch of people to make every week, month and year always more money. A workplace is like an army of people who’s fighting for the same reason. If we think in this terms, the boss should keep motivated and informed the “soldiers” about the situation. But why do i have the feeling that something like this doesn’t happen? I changed several jobs, but in all of them the boss didn’t want to inform the employees about anything…he or she only does when something is wrong and needs to be fixes, otherwise almost all the bosses in every country doesn’t want to share. I need to know if the company i work in is doing great or not. It’s also about my future and my life plans…i mean, if the boat is sinking and there no way to save it, i need to know, so i can find another job sooner.

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, old or young, rich or super rich, the point is that bosses have lost the humanity in their heart. They see the company and the people as tools to use as long as they need and once the goal is over, they fire people like throwing a tool in the garbage. Maybe that’s the big problem i have with bosses.

Maybe if they start to be more human i’m sure the situation will change quickly!

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