Vintage #3: The Magnificent VHS!

When we look in our past, we can realise how amazing those time really was. I am getting old, although i am still young, but i have also my vintage moments. between records and cassettes, there was something that define my childhood: the VHS, by far in my persona top three of the most defining objetc in my life. Why are so important for me?

Because the VHS entertained me and they have raised me, in a certain way.

I was born in the early 90s. Streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix and especially Disney+ didn’t exist…actuall internet was a joke in compair with the internet we have right now. There was only two ways to be entertained: watching TV or using VHS. The only problem with television is that it was like radio for music: you could just watch movies once and then you had no idea when you could watch them again. More than that, advertising was a nightmare, because there was too much of it and you might lose the will to watch the movie.

However, you had two ways to solve the problem: buy the movies’s VHS or you could record the film trhough the VHS recorder: in the first case you needed to spend money and you had a “high quality” product every time available at home for your joy, in the second case things were a little more complicated.

At the time we didn’t have 24/7 internet and to know what the TV had to offer, we had the TV guides with all the channels and the offer for the whole week. So, we knew which movie could be worth seeing, on which channel and at what time. Here’s the cool part: you could theoretically record the movie and get a free copy for your private use. You needed a few things.

First, you needed a brand new VHS and it wasn’t a problem, because at the supermarket there was a possibility to buy 5 or 10 all at once. Having a blank VHS at home wasn’t a problem. Before the movie started, you had to insert the VHS into the disc and turn it on. Then came the hardest part, because you had to be a pro at timing. You had to start recording right before the movie started, stop it when commercial breaks started, and restart it after the commercial break was over. The problem was that you had no idea how long the breaks were, which meant someone had to be there, in front of the TV, making sure to restart recording at the right time. Once the movie was done, you had to stop recording, rewind the VHS, hit play and hope for the best.

Technically you could have a huge collections of movies, spending much less than the original version in the shops. However it was pretty illegal, because copyright was already there, however it was impossible to be caught, because there was no internet connection and recorders were no connected to the internet, so nothing to be hacked or spyed. As long as you didn’t tell anything or sell those copies it was all “fine”.

VHS were also amazing for another reason: Disney.

Now i hate Disney, because it’s destroying what i love the most (Star Wars, for example), i don’t like the fact that it has to buy everything because they don’t like competition and becuase the movies now are basically trash. Back in the day, i was a Disney fans. How could i not be? Are you kidding me?

Disney movies grew me. I spent hours of my life watching “The Lion King”, “Aladdin”, “Mulan”, “Aristocats” and many other masterpieces (oh, of course i am talking abou the REAL VERSION, not the disaster they did with the “live action”). As a kid, there was nothing better than spending my afternoon watching some high-quality movies. And all those masterpiece were in VHS, not in DVD or in digital download (the DVD came a little bit later, in the early 2000s and the digital download only in recent years).

It was avery happy childhood. Even today, when i have the opportunity, i watch them willingly…and you have no idea how much nostalgia i have everytime i use those amazing black miracles! Simply perfect…sometimes the old times are by far the better times!

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