Being a Blogger #11: Do you want to Collab?

Creating a big and healthy community is not easy…it’s never easy. You need time, effort, a good strategy and the right topic to talk about. However, you can do it alone or you can ask for some help. The question is: are collaborations useful or a waste of time?

To be honest? I don’t have an answers for that. It’s very difficult to have a unique answer for a topic like this. However, i would want to think about two scenarios: If you collab with someone “smaller” than you and with someone “bigger” than you.

Imagine that you have your 10.000 followers. Having this kind of community means that you are big, but not the biggest in the world. At some point, someone smaller than you (with like 5.000 followers) ask you for a collaboration and you have to answer, because you are not a bad person and because the other maybe really want an answers from you. Now you have to decide: collabs or not collabs? Use math for one second. This other blogger has 5.000 followers. Just imagine that the half of those followers start to follow you, maybe of those new followers only the half interacts with your blog and the half of these active followers buy your stuff or invest in you.
In the end you will have 2500 followers, of those 2500, 1250 are active new followers and 625 who will give you money. In this moment you don’t have 10.000 followers, but 11.250. To be honest, it’s not a huge improvement…for you.

Do you want my answer for that? I would say no, not because i am a bad person, but because if i want to collaborate with someone i want to get the maximum i can from the situation…and if i my blog is a business and i have costs, only 625 paying follower of original 5.000 are not exactly what i mean with “maximum”. Yes, i could still collaborate with the “smaller blogger” but money is not the priority anymore: you work with him or her , because you like what he or she’s offering.

We can just now thing on the other situation: You, with you 10.000 followers, want to work together with someone way much bigger than you…let’s say that your “targer” have 100.000 followers. For you would be the jackpot, because if only the half of those followers will follow you, half of the new followers will be active and the half of the active will give you money, we are talking about 50.000 new followers, 25.000 new active followers and 12.500 that will give you money. And you started with only 10.000. With just one collaboration you will have 60.000 followers, six times more than the original amount. It would be amazing. I have only one question: do you think something like that will happen often? No!

Why? For the same reason why we refuse sometimes to work with smaller blogger: it’s not worthy the effort for the bigger blogger. For him or her the situation will not change so much…yes, maybe we will gain a couple of hundreds followers, but if we have 100.000 follower, that doesn’t change a lot for us. But for the blogger with only 10.000 followers, well…for him or her it’s like Christmas!

I’m not agaist collaboration, but we need to understand who we are and how big we are. Once we did that, we can start to search blogger who might really help our growth and we can help him or her to grow in the same way. How? Well, for me, the perfect collaboration is with bloggers as big as we are. In this way, we both gain theoretically the same amount of follower and everyone will not feel “used” because of the views.

I know that you have maybe different opinions about it and i would love to hear from you! It will be interesting to read your point of view!

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