Is Fame Necessary for you?

Once you post something on internet, it will remain on internet forever. Which means that one day something that you posted and you have completely forgotten, might pop out from the internet again becoming something viral that will make you famous. It doesn’t matter if you are something “miracle” or you are a singer, an actor, a content creator that has become famous thought hard work and luck. The question is: is fame something good or horrible?

We all know that fame is not just a word, but it’s more like an achievement lot of us want. I can understand this thought, especially after what media, internet and the people around tell us. Is fame something we should look for?
My answer? Yes.

Just think about for a second: if you were not famous, how could you even think to earn some money with your digital idea? Let me explain.

Being famous means that lot of people know you, which means that they found you, they love what you had to offer and they decide both to support you and make sure other people know you. If you are a blogger, a content creator or a performers you want to reach as much people as possible, because you want to spread your message as much as you can possibly can. This is the reason why we want to start something on internet: talking and sharing things with people. If we don’t want to share with the other, why are we internet in the first place?

Fame for every creators is necessary. No one wants to talk with an empty theather or singing in front of an empty stadium. Maybe you are not so good and you will reach only a small amount of people, maybe you will be so good that your community will be millions of people big. We don’t have any idea where our journey might bring us, but for sure we need to start our journey with the goal to “become famous” for someone. More specifically, it’s necessary if you decided to make your creature economically work: the more people you can involve, the bigger will be the number of people who will pay your merchandising or your premium contents. You need fame, even a big one, if you want to live you life as you always wanted to.

Is fame dangerous? Yes, if you are not ready to handle that. Being famous means lot of curios people, magazines and paparazzi. Of course it will be like this: you are a trend topic. You don’t have to look for one, because you are probably the biggest topic to talk about. With so many people that want a “piece of you” you can probably lose control of yourself, live some very stressful moments and start to feel sick both physically and mentally. It happens often, but it’s not about the fame itself. In my opinion it’s how you build your community.

If you have educated your community that you will always give them what they want, that you are a big family and you want to give them 100% of yourself, one day you will get sick, because you will live for them and you will try to do everything you can to make them happy. The only problem is that everytime they want more and once you don’t get it, they will leave you…and your dreams are gone forever! The trick is not treat them like a family but as audience: you give them what you want, when you want and how you want. If they are happy, they will stay forever, if they are not they can easily go away and never come back.

Fame is something you have to reach to make something out of your ideas. Fame doesn’t make you sick. It’s how you handle it.

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One thought on “Is Fame Necessary for you?

  1. Dear Mauro,
    I have enjoyed reading some of your posts, especially this one. Well done!
    By the way, I would like to suggest that the title of your post “Is a GOOD thing being FAMOUS?” can be even better if you were to change it to “Is being FAMOUS a GOOD thing?“.
    I agree with you that being famous can be beneficial, though I can also see that being famous can often bring the pitfalls of the authority bias and the genetic fallacy (also called the fallacy of origins or the fallacy of virtue), especially when our thinking and action lack good logic and fair goal, and when we are blinded all too enamoured with fame and fortune. Please let me explain as follows:
    Logic & Goal versus Fame & Fortune
    The daily frequency with which we encounter fallacious or misguided statements such as the above, let alone other countless similar instances found in everyday interactions and public discourses on mass media, social platforms and political arenas, can be a good gauge of the social mores and mental stance of people in particular environments, in which such or similar quotes, claims or statements are allowed to circulate (with impunity). A social mirror or indicator of baser instincts, uncritical attitudes or intellectual mediocrities aside, when quotations or statements marred by formal fallacies are known or thought to originate from luminaries, dignitaries, celebrities or politicians, their effects and impacts may become dramatically amplified, as such quotations or statements can be much more easily peddled or exploited by virtue of sheer influence, superb impression or consummate stature in spite of their flaws.
    Being active members of a highly gregarious and communicative species, we are often content with our many assumptions about other people and their endeavours based on their social status and physical attributes. All too often, if the messenger or quotee is known to be famous or deemed to be authoritative, we are far more likely to defer our better judgement, surrender our common sense, forsake our suspicion, suspend our scepticism, relinquish our intellectual autonomy, disregard the yardstick of logic, or throw caution to the wind through our admiration of, or alliance with, the messenger or quotee, believing that our use of such a quote and the eminence of its originator will automatically, inevitably or categorically impart significant credence and meaning to our own position, purpose and perspective.
    Wishing you a productive week doing or enjoying whatever that satisfies you the most!
    Happy December to you!
    Yours sincerely,

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