Italian Food #5: Mozzarella.

Pizza is made of very few ingredients: The dough, the tomato sauce and the most famous chees in the world: Mozzarella. In the italian kitchen, no other food is so simple, so versatile and at the same time so delicious as mozzarella is. As an italian guy, I had to celebrate the food that makes Italy famous all around the world.

What is mozzarella? Mozzarella in just a withe, juicy, soft and sweet perfect ball…or trace…or an other form. That it. Think about mozzarella as a delicious snow ball. If someone add something in it, this person has no idea how to deal with italian food and he or she’s insulting an entire nation. To be compair, it’s like putting cream on a carbonara! You just can’t do that.

Even if from the outside mozzarella looks so simple and perfect, to prepare it there are a lot of work, passion for your job, love for the food you are preparing and someone with skills. Because when something looks easy, sometimes is very hard to prepare. Just to let you know, this is how mozzarella is prepared:

The first phase of mozzarella processing starts with raw milk which is filtered, pasteurized and curdled by adding calf rennet. Subsequently the mixture is heated. The mass that is formed constitutes the curd and is broken into rather large parts and left to rest.

The following operation consists in breaking the curd until small fragments are obtained. After breaking, the curd is left to acidify in whey and then it is left to drain and mature for about 20-30 minutes.

The third phase is called spinning and is the phase that most affects the consistency of the mozzarella. This operation is performed manually and consists of cutting the curd into thin slices, placing it in a vat and, with the addition of boiling water at about 80-90 degrees, it is melted.

Using traditional tools, a bowl and a stick, the curd is raised and pulled until a smooth, shiny-looking mixture, leaving the excess whey to drain.

It is from this type of process that mozzarella is classified as a “spun paste” cheese. We then proceed with the shaping, that is with the operation that will determine the portioning of the dough. In this phase, the various forms of mozzarella are born, including the characteristic braid shape.

The last stage of the preparation consists in salting by immersing the mozzarella wheels in a 10-18% saline solution. The duration of the operation varies from dairy to dairy and depends on the concentration of the brine and the size. This liquid is used to preserve the mozzarella until final consumption (Italian version)

Preparing Mozzarella is not easy. Technically you could prepare it at home, but the results will not be the same…or a huge failure! If you want to eat mozzarella buy it in an ITALIAN SHOP. Don’t go in some not italian shop, because you won’t find the real product…just something similar that doesn’t taste as it should be.

Mozzarella is awesome because you can use it EVERYWHERE. Literally everywehre. You can put it on a pizza and you can season the pasta. However, mozzarella is also a dish. Mozzarella is so delicious that you can eat it alone as a dish.

When in Italy the summer comes, temperatures get very high, very quickly and you don’t want to eat somethin hot, because with that weather the last thing you want is to eat something complicated and freaking hot. So, at lunch with 38 celsius degress outside, you can take our mozzarella out of the fridge, cut it into thin slices, put some vegetable (like salat, tomatoes or any vegetables you want to eat) together, some drop of olive oil on it and BUON APPETITO!

If you have mozzarella in your refrigerator, you can be sure to eat for at least another day! Your mind will be happy, your soul will be satisfyed and your body will say thank you!

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