The perfect Company: Reality or Mith?

The perfect company…is it even a real thing? I worked for years and no matter where I worked, every companies had some “trouble”, just to be nice and family friendly. I know that human being are not perfect, but sometimes we can create a huge mess. Looking back at my career as an employee, i am wondering: is there out there the perfect company? If is not, how this company might look like?

About the perfect boos i have already talked about. My problem is that he or she is only the top of the iceberg. What kind of quality of charateristic must a company possess to be defined perfect? It’s a tricky question i want to find an answer to.

Money must be right…and we are all agree with that. What do i mean with “money must be right”? I mean that you should be paid based on what you do, what position and what kind of responsability. A normal employee must be less paid than a manager and this must be like that. However, everywhere i went, i had to face the fact the different between employee and manager were huge…too much huge: the bosses could afford fast cars, huge houses and a wonderful lifestyle and i, on the other side, had very hard time just to find a very small apartament, to buy food or some very cheap clothes. To be honest, it wasn’t life, just a fight to survive. Is it too much to ask to be paid a little bit more? I am no asking millions of dollars, i just ask the opportunity to live decently!

Opportunity in another aspect i personally care a lot. I spend more than a decade at school, learning to be better and improve my quality, thinking that with this effort in the future can help me to achieve some success. I don’t spend entire days on books just because i love it…i mean, i like it, but it’s not the point. The point is that i want to do what i learned for and since being self-employeed is complicated and costs a lot, i get into a company with the hope to have an opportunity. I don’t mind to work in the same position for years, but at least a company has to give me an opportunity to shine and prove that i am worthy. Then if i failed it’s because i wasn’t good enough, but at least i tried!

Freedom is just another key factor. How many of us had or still has to wake up early, go out early because they way is very long and stay in the office for so many hours? Almost everyone of us. It’s doesn’t matter what wheather or in the family you have problem, you have mo your legs and leave your house…in the 21st Century. Why the managers or the bosses don’t trust us? We love our job, but we want to decide either to work from home or not! we want to be free do manage our day. I know what we have to do in our day and we don’t want to lose our jobs. So i will work hard anyway. But we can’t be free! And the reason is simple: people in charge doesn’t trust who they hire. The need people to do the job they can’t do, but they don’t trust those people. For that reason the start to control what we do, how we do it and they don’t let us free do decide where to do our job. It’s crazy!

Organization is the last important point for me. How many times bosses use people as pawn to put where necessary? Too much. They don’t do because they don’t find any new employee, they do it because they don’t want to spend money in hiring someone. Maybe some companies have econimical problems, but not all. When i work in a company i want to know what i am responsible for. It happens that sometime i have to cover another collegue, because he or she is sick or in vacation, i get that, but when people (collegues or bosses) use my good manners to screw me it’s another story. Once i have my job interview, i want to know exactly what i am going to do, if i will be hired. I don’t want to have surprise after i signed, because then it’s maybe too late. More than that, bosses and collegues have to respect my work, as i respect others people’s works. It happened to me not being respected and it was awful.

Creating a good company is something easy, but we make things too much complicated, because we put money ahead of everything else. It’s not good!

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