Being a Blogger #12: Out of Ideas?

Being a blogger is a full-time job or a wonderful hobby where you connect with other people. It doesn’t matter, however, why you opened a blog, it might come the moment where you have no idea what to write. I’m not going to tell you what to do to get your inspiration back, but what you can do to avoid that moment.

Having your brain completely drained of idea is something pretty usual in blogging, but the same happens every time you develop and improve your ideas and every times contents are involved (i think of Youtube, Instagram or any other social media and sharing platforms). You are not the first and for sure you won’t be the last with this problem. I personally closed two blogs in the past because of lack of ideas: at one point i didn’t know what to say, i started to write about the wrong arguments and i failed.

This time i started my blog differently, i am doing things very differently and it’s working way much better than before. “What’s the difference between before and now?” that’s the question and the answers might really help you.

The first difference is that i don’t write to often. In my previous attempt i posted just too often, because i thought that the more i posted, the higher might be the opportunity to be seen. Statistically it’s true, in truth it doesn’t work like that: Internet works with algorithms and one can become famous with only one content with lot of luck. The problem was not only the frequency itself, but the quality of the posts. There’s a rule that i learned: if you are working alone, quality and quantity doesn’t work together.

If you want to write good quality post, you need time to research, to find the right words and the right expressions. It takes time, maybe an entire day or days for just one post. It’s logical that you can post four times a day if you need an entire day to write something good. So your frequency will be pretty low…twice, maybe three times a week.
On the other side you can put everything of quantity, which means that you will act like a “spammer” and you will publish your contents pretty often every day. On one side you will cover the platform in a much better way, on the other side your contents will be very poor, not interesting, too short and maybe ineffective.
Once you start, you need to find the right balance between the frequency and the quality. It’s different from blogger to blogger, but you need to figure out how fast you can write a GOOD QUALITY post and how much time you have available for your blog. Then you can plan how much post you can publish.

The other difference is that i let people in. In the past i tried not to let people now about my “blogging career”, because i didn’t want to be judged. For some reason i thought that people, even in my family, could thing that i was wasting my time with something stupid. So i never talked about it. And that was a huge mistake. Let the world out of your blogging activity si the wrongest thing you could do. Inspiration comes from the world outside and from the people you talk with. You have to share your journey with the people you trust and talk to them. Often they have ideas, opinions that might help you to find the hint to continue to write. It’s crucial not to have fear to talk and you don’t have to be ashamed of what you do, because if your blogs starts to work, you can become pretty rich, pretty fast!

Last difference i have from the last times is that i don’t write all the time. Once in a while i do something different, because i get bored pretty fast if i do the same thing all day, every day. You need some distraction somewhere. I play video games, for example, or i watch some youtube videos or i read some books. Every time i finish a post, i take a little rest and then i come back with a fresh mind. It’s useful to take often little breaks, in this way you don’t destroy your brain, you don’t get tired too fast and you can work longer.

It doesn’t really make sense to push yourself to the limit, because you want it all immediately. It doesn’t work like that. Just start your journey, do your thing, take care of the quality of your contents and take some times for yourself. If it’s meant to be you will see yuor idea grows like crazy.

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