Vintage #4: Boombox

This little, or sometimes pretty very big, amazing object left a mark in our lives. If you are a teenager in the 80s or in the 90s you can feel me. Maybe it’s as iconic as the record. I already talked about cassette, how important and annoying were in history and how those devilish things own a special place in my heart. Today i would like to express my gratitude for what we used ot hear them.

First thing first: damn if this thing was heavy. Yes it was! Even the smallest version of the boombox was four, maybe five kilos heavy. In the 80s and the 90s things were heavy, expencive and they workd properly…even today they might still work perfectly. Can you say the same thing of your iPhone 13? Sorry, but i had to say it!

If a boombox was pretty heavy, expencive and big, why do still love it? You shoul hate it. I know, but can you say?

Can we say nostalgia? Yes, i’m a nostalgic guy and maybe it is nostalgia for real, but it’s not actually the reason behind my love for boomboxes. Hell no!

The real reason why i love the boomboxes is because the memories involved with them (yes, it sounds definitely like nostalgia). It was not something technological, revolutionary or something that defined humanity, we are very far away from that, but boy if it was freaking awesome to have around! It was one of the most awesome thing in the world at the time. Why was it awesome?

That thing was powerful. If you tried to put the volume on the highest level, the beings on the moon could probably hear you prett clear. Probably is that the reason why aliens are not here yet: they just heard the rap/hip-hop music in the late 80s, ealry 90s and they realised that we were doing a pretty good job in self-destruction. They should have only some patience and wait the right moment to strike.

I don’t want to talk abou the music involved with boomboxes, but i want to say something about the way we used the boombox. There were two kind of ways.

The first way was the most “masculine” one. To do that, you neede four things: being a man, having some muscles (especially in the upper part of the body), walking on the seaside in summer and that look of someone who is owning the world…you know, that kind of look in the face of someone in the zone! And there was also a strategy to use the boombox. It was like a ritual you had to follow: Wear some very shirt and tight-fitting clothes, your skin must tainted, haircut must be on point; then put a cassette on, turn the boombox on o high level, put it on the shoulder and show the wolrd who’s the boss of the beach! Yes, there were people on the street walking in that way. I don’t know you, but it was absolutely spectacular to see those guys! So amazing!

Or there was another way to use the boombox and it was the best one, the one i appreaciate the most. There was no ritual this time, just call some friends, choose a place to meet, bring the boombox and some cassete with you, meet your friends, turn the boombox on and chill. No matter where, once you had your music, good friends and something nice and fresh to drink (especially in summer) that was heaven on heart. The most amazing part is that if you had some cardboard with you, and you were a good dancer, you could start a dance contest…and in the 80s in the United States was not so rare to see something on the street like that. And in movies that scene was a little bit overused, but it was so nice to see that happiness, joy and fun in one scene.

I had one, nothing so big, fancy, expencive or unique boombox in my house. I loved it, not because of the way it looked, but it was amazing because it was portable. In the 90s and especiall in the 80s not everything was portable and having boomboxes not so heavy, you can bring with you, was awesome!

Now it’s not the same. Yes, you have Spotify and smartphone, but it’s not the same. I don’t know, but those pretty giant things were part of our lives and part of the crew, because sometimes there was no good afternoon without some good music. I loved and still love those things!

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