Becoming an entrepeneur #1: Why?

You probably don’t know, but this blog is a “collateral” business. I’m a owner of an online shop here in Germany, where i’m trying to sell pensil, markers and paper. I thought it was easy, however it’s hard to sell thing and it’s even harder to start something brand new from scratch. I know out there people wants to start something theirs like me, but it’s way much harder and complicated than you think. Don’t get into it too fast and unprepared. Just let me help you with that!

I know that jobs often suck. You felt not appreciated, you do the same things over and over again, with your collegues you don’t have a good relationship and every day you wake up with the feeling in your stomach that tells you not to get up.

If you feel in that way, maybe it’s time for you to think of entrepeneurship. Becoming a self employed is not easy, but it’s actually the only possible way to make something great out of your life. Yes, you might think to quit your job and look for another one, but to be honest, do you really want to get through another Job interview? Do you really want to tidy up your resumee, send it, patiently waiting for an invite to an inteview and then hearing the same lies over again?
Don’t get me wrong, you could and it’s your life, but if you don’t fit in a normal job anymore, it doesn’t matter where you work, you will fail every time.

The chances to find the work of your dreams is impossible, because it doesn’t exist. The perfect job is the one that suits you perfectly and something like that doesn’t exist…unless you don’t create it.

All the things i wrote until right now were my reasons why i decided to get into the self-employment. Since day one, back in 2012, i felt like a foreign body everywhere i worked. I saw all those people “happy“, with great relationship with the collegues and i was unbale to fit in the company. I tried different companies, in different fields and in two different countries and i had the same problem: i didn’t understand the world and the people around me. I felf bad, because i didn’t understand why those people were happy to be there and felt part of a team while i wanted to get back home in the same moment i set foot on the door in the morning.

I’m sure i couldn’t survive in a mental condition like that! I once thought about suiside…it wasn’t a great moment.

The funny part is that as soon as i decided to never come back in a company and i take that risk i felt awesome…yes, i have some uncertainty, because my busines right now doesn’t go as planned, but i’m happy, because i am in control of something mine. If i will have success i have done something good, othrwise i haven’t.

Yes, it’s a huge gamble, but the alternative was getting sick, maybe lot of pills, psychiatrist and maybe an attempt to die.

If you have read my post, you feel like i felt and you don’t fit anywhere you work, maybe you should start to think about the gamble…you will have no certainty, i know, but you don’t even have no certainty in a normal job either, because the boss can fire you any moment and you can do nothing about it. In the following posts i will help you, as much as i can, to decide what to do with your life!

Just think about it.

See ya


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