Italian Sauces #5: Pesto alla Genovese!

Do you know about perso? Well, maybe you have heard about it, but i am quite sure you have never tried the original version. You have probably eaten a version of it, a very bad tasty version, but i am confident you have no idea how to prepared the perfect pesto.

If, for some unknown reason, someone tells you that pest doesn’t come from Italy, just wait one second and ask this person if he or she’s sure. If that person says “yes, of course!” you are allowed by me to hit him in the face…or you can start to insult this person from now until the enternity. There’s no way that pesto comes from outside Italy.

Why? Because we know from history that pesto was created in Genova, one of the biggest and most important city in the nothern Italy. If you don’t know the city, well i can tell you that Genova is famous for four things: focaccia, pesto, the harbor and the wonderful weather even in winter.

Pesto is by far one of the easiest sauces you can possibly prepared and one of the most delicious one you have ever eaten. Since i want to teach you how to eat well and make you body ans soul happy, i am going to tell you how to prepare a delicacy. Let’s start from the ingredient:

100 gr. strictly Ligurian basil leaves
40 gr. Pine nuts
100 gr. grated parmesan (or grana padano)
20 gr. Sardinian pecorino
100 gr. extra virgin olive oil from the Ligurian Riviera
1 or 2 cloves of garlic
6 gr coarse sea salt

Do you have all the ingredient with you? Perfect! Now it’s time to move your arm and hands a little bit, because it’t turning time!

To prepare Genoese pesto you need to make sure the basil leaves are not washed, but cleaned with a soft cloth and (…) that the variety is Ligurian or Genoese basil, with narrow leaves (…). Start preparing the pesto by placing the peeled garlic in a mortar along with a few grains of coarse salt. Start crushing the ingredients and, when the garlic has been reduced to cream, add the basil leaves together with a pinch of coarse salt (…).
Crush the basil against the sides of the mortar by rotating the pestle from left to right and simultaneously rotate the mortar in the opposite direction (from right to left) (…). Continue this way until a bright green liquid comes out of the basil leaves; at this point add the pine nuts and resume reducing the ingredients to a cream. Add the cheeses a little at a time, stirring continuously to make the sauce even creamier and finally the extra virgin olive oil, poured in a stream, as you keep stirring with the pestle. Mix the ingredients well until you get a homogeneous sauce (…)

That’s it. Nothing more or nothing less. This is the recepy of pesto alla Genovese, the authentic one. All the other version you can see or buy everywhere are not “real”…you can call the pesto, but all of them are not the REAL pesto. Real pest is prepared like “Giallo Zafferano” described.

It’s a super fast and very easy sauce to prepare. You can prepare it while pasta is cooking in the water or you can prepare it a day in advantage and use it the next day. It’s so amazing as sauce that you can also use it on a pizza…trust me, it’s something surprisingly delicious!

Do a favour to your body, mind and soul: eat italiand and you will be happy!


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