Funny Fake News #1: Week 49 (2021)

Fake news are everywhere on social media. The problem with them is that sometimes are so well made to seem real. If, on one side, it’s a testament of hard work and talent (because good fake news must be thought and made), on the other side it’s dangerous because people believe in them..and sometime it’s very hard to realise that it’s a fake news. And i have asked myself: what if i create a daily COMPLETELY FAKE column, where we can laugh? The following news will be FAKE NEWS! Let’s see how ridicolous the world can be! Let’s start!

On Monday Jess Bezos, ex owner of Amazon, had a cold. It happens, especially in winter. He was in an hotel in New York and started to snezze from a window of his hotel room. Suddendly “money rain” was not only a catchphrase anymore and hundred of millions of dollar started to fall down from the sky. Few days later, banks in the entire “Big Apple” reported an increase of depos in their bank account never seen before. Now New York is fighting with Dubai for the award of the richest city in the world!

On Tuesday David Blake was performing magic tricks on the rodeo drive in Los Angeles. Now it’s a ghost road. When asked by the police, David Blake answered “I knew to be good, but that good is something new also for me!” All the disappeared people were reported to be in Jamaica, enjoing the weather, the ocean, the hospitaliy and the local food. They asked not to be contacted anymore.

Three weeks ago a butterfly flapped the wings in Japan. All of a sudden, since Wednesday in Europe there’s no Covid-19 cases anymore. Scientist are trying to find the reason behind this amazing event, thinking it might be a system error. But the truth is that we should proclaim that butterfly the queen/king of the entire continent.

On Thursday In a restaurant in Dublin was offered “nothing”…a very cheap dish, affordable by everyone, where you get absolutely nothing for only 4,99 Euro. In the last three days, the restaurant was completely sold out. The main reason between the clients was “When i get to a fancy restaurant i pay 80 Euro to eat basically nothing anyway, in this way a pay less for the same results and i know that i am going to eat!”

On Friday, people from “Friday for future” protested on the street of several european and american cities to push the leaders to do something for the climate change. Once all the parents threatened the young protesters that they would have given them any more money for the train if they continue to spend Fridays om the street insted at school, the movement “Friday For Future” disappeared like snow under the sun!

Saturday was the day of the “all the contrary parade”. Last week a man in Los Angeles has been recorded wearing underwear over the pants. Thinking it was something fresh and never seen before, lot of Instagram Superstar started to share this videos on their profile, making that video viral. Saturday afternoon hundreds of thousand of people, together with lot of super models, have shown their “protest” against the society, showing that even the contrary of normalitly is nice and fresh!

Thank you for reading. Until next Week!

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