Vintage #5: Mobile Phone!

Now we have smartphone that actually can do everything. I am sure that with one little upgrade they would be able to cook some coffee, but it was never in this way. Back in the 90s things were a little bitdifferent than today: we didn’t have internet and technology…and that changes everything.

The teenageers today would ask “What? How did you use the Mobile phone without internet?”. We didn’t! That’s the funny part. In the 90s we didn’t use phones. I myself didn’t use the Mobile phone. Sometimes i forgot it home and, when i had it with me, i even forgot often to call my mom, when i got late back home (and i can let you imagine her reaction every time). It was another world, not a better one, but very different.

We didn’t have any “fear” or anxiety. Think about it: sometimes if we don’t text often our partner that we are fine, when we are not at home, he or she might get crazy because he starts to think that we are dead. In the 90s something like that was impossible to live, because we were “blind”. When i was a kid, in the middle/end 90s, i used to play with my friends soccer/football at the park, while my mom was at home. It happened often that i hurt myself, because football is a physical game, and she knew i was hurt only when i got home and showed her proudly my wounds. But she never freaked out: she was just calm, she disinfected my wounds and she put some bandaids on them and the next day i was ready to get hurt again. It’s was something normal. I didn’t have any phone with me, i had any chance to call my mom and say her i was hurt. She trusted me…and if i am the guy i am right now it’s also because of that trust and freedom i unconsciously felt on my shoulder, without even noticing it.

“If you didn’t use it for calling, why did you have a Mobile phone?” can be your question. My answer? No idea. I mean, in that decade it was normal not being traceable when you were outside. More than that, phone were not as efficient as an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy: most of the time, we didn’t have signal and calling was pretty exepencive, because we didn’t have the rates we have today. The so called “rates” came out only in the early 2000s. Before of that, you had to put money on your sim card and every time you called or sent a message, your credit was deducted…a lot! I mean, you have so sell your car to call someone outside your city and your house to call someone outside the country. Cellphones in the 90s were useless. we had phones only for EMERGENCY…real emergency…like death, a broken limb, a kidnapping or something like that. If you were late for dinner, because you played longer with your friends,, was not an EMERGENC.

But, most important, Mobile phone were completely useless. To be honest, you had no idea what to do with them. Let me explain. Now with a smartphone you can do everything: listening music, watching videos, surfing in iternet. With a Mobile phone in the 90s all of this were impossible, because we used other things: for music we have a cassette recorder, watching a movie outside was just a sci-fi thing and nobody cared about internet. The only reason why you had a Mobile phone with you, it was because you wanted make you mom or your partner feel safer and more relaxed, otherwise you could actually forget at home, with no problem whatsoever. With ot without Mobile phone didn’t make any kind of difference.

Do you want to know how a Mobile phone looked like? I can describe you! No internet connection, no colour (it was just a green screen with black writtens), a very small display (the iPhone’s display was only in the movie) and no touch-screen (we have 12 keys, from 0 to 9 with also letter on those keys, the hashtag and the asterisk…that’s it), no opportunity to use the songs on the radio as a rigntone (if you wanted one of those songs, you had to do it on your own, creating the song with specific codes) and no memory to save anything. That was a cellphone: a tool to call and receive calls, send and receive messages. Nothing more, nothing less.

And humanity survived, had fun and cheated a lot…but the last thing it’s another story!

Do i miss Mobile phone? No, i’m happy that technology improved. Did you miss the way we lived with Mobile phone? Yes, a lot! If we had the same freedom with smartphone today, it would be fantastic! That’s my dream!

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