Being a Blogger #13: One or More Topic?

This is a problem for every blogger in internet: one side you have the a main topic to talk about, with a certain amount of potencial follower, on the other side the rest of the world, trend topic included, with potencial billions of followers. What you gonna do brother? What you gonna choose? One or more topics?

There are two ways to answer this question: what’s your goal? Because a blog offers an alternative: either being a point of reference of a specific niche or being known, but not necessarely rich. No, if you are asking yourselves: being a point of reference doesn’t mean being famous. Be careful with that!

Let’s start from the first choice: being a point of reference.
You are a person with a huge interest in something, it might be everything you want: sport, fashion, food or an other topic.. You read about it a lot, watch a lot of materials related to the thing you love and you fell inside yourself confident enough to teach others something about this topic they don’t know. So, one day, you open you blog, no matter where and how, and you start to talk about the topic you love. Day afterd day, post after post, you start to create your onw community made of interested people with your same passion or people who think you are worthy to be read. In no time at all, you are someone reliable for that topic if people need to know something about it. Basically you become a point of reference. It’s all great, but it doesn’t mean you are famous, because maybe the topic you have chosen was a very small one in terms of people in the niche. You are right now a point of reference for some people, but completely unknown if you look the bigger picture.

On the other side you can talk about more topic. It’s a choice you can take. I am one of those who wants to talk about more topic. My reason right now are irrelevant, because you are on the focus right now. More topics means two main things: One side you have a bigger potencial audience, but on the other side you will have a hell of a job in front of you…and potencial fights.

More topics means that you have to be reliable for every single topic you choose. You can’t just be good with one topic and sufficent with another one. You can’t afford to have part of your followers happy and the other disappointed, because those disappointed people will be heard much more that the happy followers. That’s how internet works! The goal is to make almost everyone happy. If you don’t want to fail in few days, it’s time to go back to school: learn, read, watch as much as you can and then you can write something about the topic your know the least, knowing that in this way you can make people satisfyed. Between researchs, listening and reading for one topic you need days to make yourself reliable. Just think about if you want to talk about two, three or even fur topic. In this case, 24 hours a day are not enough anymore.

It’s hard work, probably too much, but you will have the huge opportunity to reach millions of people. In the beginning it wil be only hard work and no rewarding, but if you are good enough, your schedule works and you use social media in the right way, sooner than later you might become a guru…and we all know how amazing being a guru really is! The only remaining question is right now: is it possible to work so hard? No, not alone anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, you can write on your blog about several topic, but you have to collabs with someone expert in one field. So, the more topic you have, the more people you have to find…and maybe the want to be paid for their work. Technically it’s possible to have different things going on in your private digital space, but not in the beginning. You can become a point of reference in the entire blogging universe (or even in internet) only if you have enough money to pay someone good to write about the topic you want to talk about. Alone it’s just a mission impossble.

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