Being a Blogger #14: Talent is necessary!

I should have written this post in the very beginning of that column, but i am pretty stupid and my brain doesn’t work in the way you expect a normal brain to work. To be honest, my brain is controlled by a freaking lazy monkey, that decides what to do when to do. So, here i am talking about the very first thing you need to figure out before even to think about becoming a blogger.

Talent is something sometimes overrated. At least i have this feeling. There are so many people with not so much talent, reaching a huge success. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying that those people don’t deserve what they have, but in this world everyone say that talent is the key of success, when in reality it’s not so. My question is: who is right and who is wrong?

Well, looking how internet works, i would say that internet is right and the world is wrong, but looking the world and all the people who fail trying be someone in internet, i would say that the world is right and internet is wrong. It’s a very complicated situation.

Is it talent so important after all? Uhm…i think it is important. Let me explain.

If you have success on social media, you don’t need so much talent: either posting the right picture of yourself with the right filter or copying what the others do. The logic that works s the following: post what the other post and offer what the community wants. Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are perfect example: do what the other do and see the result. However, we are talking about just a picture, a 140-characters-long message or just a short post. Nothing too long or complicated. Things change a little bit when we are talking about something more, like a content on youtube or a post in a blog.

In those two cases, talent matters a lot. The problem for me is that the longer and complicated the product is, the more important the talent is.

If you are a content creator on youtube, you need talent in lot of production’s steps. First, you need talent to write your video, a huge talent to talk in front of a camera and entertain people, who will watch later on youtube (something very few people are capable of), and talent to edit the video and make it enjoyable and nice to watch (not all the people are able to edit a video perfectly). For that reason only a very few content creators have made it to the very top.
If you have a blog, it’s different, but also the amount of talent required is high.

Technically the only talent you need is the talent to write well (and with “well” i mean grammatically correct and without getting confused the reader). You don’t appear on camera (you could, but it’s not necessary) and you don’t have to edit anything, but you have a big work on writing well and correcting the post, somethimes more than once. If you are not able to write or to communicate through words, being a blogger doesn’t make not so much sense. In that sence, the amount of successful bloggers is very small, because everyone can write, but communicate something clearly and entertain others random people?

Is talent really necessary? It depends on. For social media talent is absolutely not necessary…i mean, what kind of talent do you need to pose in front of a camera? The only talent i recognize in that picture is the talent of the photographer. As soon as you get into something more difficult, longer or complicated talent is necessary and the more complicated and longer, the more talent is required.

That’s my thoughts.

See ya


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