Funny Country Review #1: U.S.A.

I love this planet. I love the uniqueness of every single human being, the story behind every single soul on Earth and all the weird, funny and strange thing we can see. And about strange and funny things: for every single countries there are some “funny or wrong preconception” about all of them…no matter which one! My question is: why don’t talk about it? Why don’t willingly let some shitstom start against me? It will be so much fun! Today we are talking about the most controversial country in the world: U.S.A.

United States of America is the number one country in the world. It doesn’t matter if China is economically stronger, even if in very “controversial” way. America is the country that controls the world, together with Russia. In the 20th Century, since the end of the WWII, America was the country who controlled the western side of the world and make sure that the power in was perfectly balanced…and sometimes with brutal power and some very bad and hurtful decision. But, oh boy if it’s a funny and weird country!

In America everything is big. I live in Europe and cities here are big (think about London, Paris or Berlin for example), but nothing in compair to New York or Los Angeles. American cities are big and tall. Downtowns in America are scary and pretty intimidating with all the skyscrapers. I mean, have you seen those buildings? I don’t know, but american builds bigger and taller. I know that Dubai is trying to get to the sky, but it is half a Century too late.
Cars are big, road are big, interesction are big! America remembers me the guy that go to the gym to build up some muscles, because he has got a tiny little penis.

Even food is big! I mean, i am a small guy and my stomach suffers already with the portion you can eat in some restaurant in Europe. In America is ridicolous the amount of food you have to swallow. Those are not portion for a human being, but for an entire family, but they sell it only of one single person. How can you possibly eat all this food and enjoy the meal, when you know that once you get home you have very long date with the toilet?

Creativity. America is country of creativity. Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Tesla, Disney, Apple…do i have to continue? United States is the country that set the pace in investion and development. No question about it. Since the 1950s america was the country to watch and follow. Not Russia, not Japan or not any eurpoean countries. America created and invented, the rest of the world followed. You might not like that, but i always thought in that way: what if Russia was “in control” of the technology evolution? Maybe the world might be better? Yes, may be, but there are much higher probability that this world would be much worse.

Without America there would not be Hamburger, McDonald, Basketball, Baseball, Football (not soccer), airplanes, any picture from the universe (thanks to Nasa), no Hollywood movies, no internet. It would be a different world. Maybe they would have had achieved and invented those thing anyways, but how long would have waited fot them?

Oh and there would have not been great artist and musicians, and no adults entertainment. I know that for lot of you the last thing is not actually necessary, but lot of people love it and other earn money from it.

You know what? America did pretty bad stuff in the world (Japan, Vietnam, Iraq, Quwait, Afghanistan just to name few) and for lot of you America is the enemy or the devil incarnate. You have the right to think like that…but if you say it on Twitter, twitting from your iPhone, eating an Hamburger, maybe the devil it’s not so bad after all…am i right?

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