Italian Drink #1: Espresso


Probably for the entire world, espresso is just only a drink you can take in a bar when you are around, but in Italy it’s more like a tradition. There’s no italian in the world who have never drunk espresso at least once in a life time. This post will be a celebration of something so unique and amazing.

There are very few things in Italy that define who we are: Food, weather, monuments, corrpution in the burocrazy and espresso. I didn’t say mafia, because there’s also mafia in much more other countries. Yes, we invented, but it’s not the reason of the topic right now.

Espresso defines Italy…because espresso defines every single italian in the country… and i am not talking about coffee, especially the one in Germany and United States. That tastes like dirty water. Let me tell describe you why espresso is so important, amazing and perfect.

Espresso tastes good. No, espresso tastes amazing. No, drinking espresso is like drinking paradise. I am quite sure that someone up there wanted to show us how perfect they were, giving us a little taste of that perfection. Black, creamy, strong, hot, bring joy, taste amazing, it’s drinkable everwhere and it doesn’t cost too much (expect in Venice). What do you need more?

It’s for every season. Summer, spring, autumn and winter…every moment is the right moment for espresso. No matter if there are 40 celsius degree or -10 celsius degrees if someone offers you espresso in Italy, we never say no. It’s also for ever moment of the day. It doesn’t really matter if it’s breakfast, 10 AM or lunch. It’s always espresso time. There are people in Italy that drinks 5 or six espresso in a day…and that’s a lot. Especially at work happens that you drink so much coffee. Why? Well…let’s say that no matter if you work hard or not so hard, italians love to chill and relax every once in a while and the perfect way to do it is with an epsresso in the hand in front of a espresso machine.

For italian people it’s often a ritual. There are people who just doesn’t start the day without an espresso in the bar, others they have to drink espresso in the middle of the morning just to take a brake and for other is not lunch-brake without coffee. When i worked in Italy, some of my collegues ate in the office and then they take a walk to go in their beloved bar to order a cup of espresso and other take every hour a break to drink espresso.

And it’s an art. Theoretically there’s only one “traditional recepy”, based on a specific kind of coffee beans in a specific repatioship, but some “barista” have been trying to mix other kind of beans with other realtioship just to offer something different and it happens often that an espresso doesn’t taste the same everywhere you go: sometimes from bar to bar there are little differences. As a tourist, you can spend months to taste all the variation of espresso in Italy…it’s like in Germany, but there it’s about beer instead of coffee.

However it’s something that you don’t drink in the afrernoon. i don’t know why, but for some weird reason, espresso time is just between ealry morning (7/8 AM) until lunchtime (2/2,30 PM). I lived in Italy for 21 years and i have never seen someone drinking espresso in the afternoon. Bars were often full of people in the afternoon, don’t get me wrong, but the clients didn’t drink coffee, but cappuccino, white wine or the so called “aperitivo” (it’s something before dinner where you drink white wine or the “Aperol” before dinner).

If you now want to taste the real italina espresso, i will leave you here how to prepare it!

The most amazing part of espresso is that you can drink it all around the world. Italy is everywhere, because italian are everywhere and often they have opened bar, restaurant or pizzerias, even in the most unthinkable countries in th world. You don’t even have to take a flight destination Italy just to enjoy some good espresso. Just go out and look for a REAL italian bar and enjoy the magic!

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