Funny Country Review #2: South Korea

I love Girls’ Generation, BoA, Jessica Jung, Irene & Seoulgi and Chung Ha. I’m not a K-pop obsessed, but i like that kind of music. However i know that what i see is a huge mask just to cover what i don’t like at all in a country. I live in Germany and i was born in Italy, so i know what means to hide things, but with South Korea we are on the next level!

Let’s start celebrating the good side of that country.

Samsung, LG, Hyundai, althought those companies are not that kind and perfect as they look.
You can say that every citizens is free, there’s democrazy and tourist are welcome, but those three qualities must be standard in every single country in the world. Those things don’t count as pros. For me South Korea‘s good things end here.

Before to say something, i just want that you keep something in mind: south korean are freaking crazy! That’s been said, we can move on.

Now let’s start with the contras. Actually i don’t even know where to start. Oh, let’s start with the school system.

Schools are not a place to learn, but a place to be physically and mentally destroyed. How can you define a school system that often forces those young student to start the day at 7.30 in the morning and to finish the day at 10 PM or midnight? There are deposition of young boys and girls who said that they have even tried suicide because of that absurd lifestyle. Basically, they start at the age of 6/7 to be indoctrinated of this “endless effort” mentality. And we are just in school. Thinkg are about to get interesting once they get a job.

The reason? Oh, because 12 hours a day are not so unusual to see. You have to work hard, i mean like you never worked hard before, because days are too long for a human being and you have often only 15 days a year you can use for the vacation. There are rules you have to follow that are just too old or ridicolous, like the one that “the boss is not only your boss, but your father”…i think i said already everything, right?

And you don’t get a job in the first place if you don’t look decent…and for them decency is for us perfection. Theoretically, you should be hired by your talent and professionality, not because you look how the boss expects you to look. But South Korea’s bosses often apply the following thought: you don’t look as i expect, so you will no work for me. There’s a reason why women, and also men, use cosmentic product and plastic surgery so often and so much.

The costant and insane research of perfection is something i will never understand. Men and women has to look perfect…well, let’s say that women have a bigger duty to look perfect, but also men are crazy to look in the best possible way all the time. I mean, i’m fine with taking care of themselves, but the korean level of taking care of itself is impossible.

The entertainment business is the perfect example of that research of beauty. K-Drama and K-pop are pretty love both in Korea and in the rest of the world. All looks perfect and lot of men are in love with all the female superstar they can see on tv. I mean, between singer and actresses the level of beauty and perfection women show is ridicolously high. This is the mask. What’s behind? Behind it’s a freaking nightmare. Women are forced to look cute. It doesn’t matter who you are, you must look like people expect you to look. There’s no way do discuss that. Plastic surgery, even at a very young age, cosmetic products, a very rigid diet and lot of fitness is something that belongs to a female superstar’s daily life. And the bigger success you have, the higher is the pressure to look always perfect…which means anxiety, fear and worries about you look, because South Korea is not a country that forgives: once you fail, it will be over! And we have sadly witness young superstar who just were not able to deal with the pressure…

Being a woman in South Korea means that you have to decide between career and family. South Korea is country where women are two, three, maybe four step behind. Don’t you believe me? Once a woman get pregnant and become a mom, they will lose the job and for them the opportunity to work are over forever. Women in South Korea have to take care full time of the baby. At least here in Europe we give them the opportunity to work once they have a baby (even if we can do way much more to help them to be successful aftert the birth), but in South Korea women are there only for three reasons: get married, make their husband happy and to make sure that the next generation of korean workers are healthy and prepared to be destroyed. It doesn’t really matter if women has a successful career, the society will not be happy until she doesn’t get pregnant. Once she becomes a mother, the society will be happy, because the woman has fullfilled her duty…and her duty is not to make the country better with her talent

This is what i know for sure about South Korea. You can read also other things (like being racist and xenofobe), but i’m sure about that, so i keep my mouth shut about that!

So, people, this is the wonderful South Korea.

See ya


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