Being a Blogger #15: Marketing!

You opened a blog, but after all your effort and time you are not quite where you planned to be in the very beginning? No, it’s not because you have no talent or because the topic is not right, maybe your temporary “failure” is somewhere else to be found. Where? Well, have you ever heard about marketing? Let me explain.

Marketing is that thing that allows you to be known by other people. For example, if you post on social media you are doing marketing. However there’s the chance that your marketing plans will not work. Often people do the mistake to think that the only thing they have to do is just post something great, br themselves pay some advertising on social media or Google and everything is gonna be alright. Well, my dear friends, it doesn’t work like that!

There are actually only two question you have to keep in mind once you want to promote your product: what’s your offer and what makes you unique. Start from the first point.

Once you want to make money, it’s crucial to let people know what you are offering. It doesn’t really matter if you are selling products, professional performances or ideas, in case of blogging. Future potencial customers want to know what they are going to buy. I would do the same: i would like to know what i am about to buy. There’s only one problem: if you base your entire marketing strategy on your product, be sure you will fail. Why? Because what you are offering is already in the market offered by someone else. Think about something stupid like milk.
Milk is a product that we all have at home. You may say that milk is something that everyone can sell, because the request is high. Well, absolutely not. Not because no one wants some milk, but because you are the last one in the market! Before you, many other milk producers have started to sell milk, which means that they are already established and reliable. However, you want to sell some milk. or, coming back to your specific problem, you still want to sell your things. The big problem is that someone has already started to sell or offer what you want to offer and this person in already established and reliable. As you can see, basing your strategy on only your product is no bueno. So, how to do that?

The crucial detail that will make you eventually be successful is the following: what’s the difference between you and the others? Let’s keep milk as example again.
You can sell just milk and nobody will care neither of you or your offer. Trust me on that! But what if you say that this milk comes from a farmer in the country? In this specific case, you have already make a difference between you and some of the competitiors that sell their milk from abroad. Maybe you can continue saying that your milk is cheaper than the competition, that you can sell it in 100% recyclible package, that the milk you are using is what’s remeaining after the calf was properly fed… and so many other things. That’s the key. You are still selling “just” milk, but instead you are selling together with the product and experience.

“An experience? What does that even mean?” Well, it’s not so hard to understand. If you sell milk and you use all the quality i just told you, people don’t buy and drink just milk, but they are part of something bigger: they feel ecologist, becuse of the package and the”vegan way” to sell milk (please, let me pass the definition vegan) and the feel understood because your offer is cheaper, which means that you are doing your costumer a “favour” letting them keep the money in their wallet.

In marketing is not important what you sell, but the emotional connection or the experience someone can do with something. In this way, you put in the people the desire to buy your milk, even if your milk is exactly the same as the other milk in the market. If you want to have success, you need to play with someone else’s mind and bring them to you. That’s the key!
A little advice: if you really want to understand marketing, i really recommend you to invest some money and go to some very fance restaurant. There it’s technically all about just food, but it’s not. Go there, eat and take a very careful look of what will happen around you. This is the perfect example of successful marketing!

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