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In the 21st Century we live with a smartphone in the hand or with a screen in fron of our faces. This is the world we live in and we have to accept it. We did it because of internet! However, there are those who say that internet is destroying our lives, mind and is turning us in stupid monkeys. It is true? I mean, are we really getting to the point where we are becoming stupid like never before?

Internet is always a controversial topic. For lot of us is good, for other is not, but i am not sure that we are getting stupid because of internet. We are getting stupid because of the way we use internet, but this is another story. I am truly convinced that internet is the most amazing thing might happen in the world EVER. Internet has changed the world in a way that sometimes is even hard to fully understand…and often it has improved the world for the better.

Communication is the ver first thing i have in mind. How much has the communication improved witht he introduction of internet? I mean, we can send E-Mail instantly to someone on the other side of the world FOR FREE, we can talk directly with someone “face to face” throught Skype or with this softwares which allows people to have conferences, even if those people sit in all the four corner of the world. For us right now is something obvious writing an E-Mail to someone, but in the 90s it wasnt’s so obvious. If you were 40 or 50 years old you might remember: how much paper did you have o your desks? Even if you are a millenials you can see it: just watch a TV-Show where detective were the main characters and take a closer look to the desks and to the office itself…

Spread of information. Just think about Chernobyl. I know that it’s an extrem example, but just hear me out. People in 1985 knew about the disaster only because of TV and Radio. The big problem back in the day was that the communicatio between countries were not so easy and immediate. More than that, once something bad happened, contries didn’t want let the world now about it for many and obvious reasons. People could die because of the radiactivity in the air and they might not know it. Now think about Fukushima: the same disaster, but we knew about it only few minutes later, not because Japan was happy to share the news, but because internet makes sure the spread of the news happened in a very high speed. Twitter and Youtube was one of the reason why we knew about that. TV and Radio talked about it, but just later.

You may hate it or love it, but social media are a positive improve in our lives. With Facebook then, and all the other platform now, is very easy to know what’s going on with the world around us, both by near and by far. Before it was pretty hard to know what the world was going if you didn’t turn on the TV, Radio, you didn’t buy the newspaper or you didn’t talk with other people about something. However, even if you were “informed”, you weren’t so informed as you thought to be, because the speed which you knew about the news was very poor…sometimes you knew about it when thing were already over. More than that, news “were filtered” by the channel news, because some news were more important than others. But with social media you have access to all the informations, important and less important. It’s only up to you to decide what to read and that’s amazing: finally the channels and newspaper doesn’t apply censorship in information, because they just can.

Distances are just only a number, not a huge obstacle anymore. Before internet, letters where the only way to talk with someone in anothe countries. You needed money and patience. Now if you want to connect with someone in the United States, you just do it. If you want to have relatioship with someone far away you can do that…it’s not said that it will work, but you can try it! Now it’s now only your city your world, but the entire planet.

Every single person in this world used and still using internet for tons of reason, but one thing is for sure: we use it becasuse it make things for us way much easier. I use it both because i like it, but because it’s helping me to create my own business. In the 90s making money from internet wa just crazy…maybe possible but it was just madness…only “an idiot” could even thing to start something in internet. Now it’s usual to read about a random person becoming rich with a digital business. Internet makes thing easier for everyone and opened a huge opportunities to define what we are.

If it’s bad is because we use it in the wrong way.

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