What does being a father mean?


In this post i will talk about a family with a mom and a dad. I have ABSOLUTELY nothing against gay couple (i really convinced that they MUST have the same right and duty of a “traditional couple), but for me it’s easier to talk about something i know very well, because i have a mom and a dad. If you will feel upset or angry about my choice, i understand, but i don’t want to talk about something i don’t know at all. Thank you!

I have had a pretty traditional family: my dad was an employeed and my mom worked all day as an housewife. It was like that because my mom, like lot of people in who lived in poor condition in the 70s, had to leave school and go to work at a very young age, while my dad, living in a economically stable family and city, had the opportunity to finish high school and find a pretty well-paid job for the time (we are talking about the 70s and 80s). It was pretty obvious that my dad was the one “who take care of the family”, while my mom worked here und there, where she founded some little job to do, because money were never enough, especially when kisd are around.

It was pretty clear from the very beginning for me that my mom and my dad had two different kind of jobs. My mom was for me the protector, the one who took care of me and the one who taught everything i needed to know, not because my day was lazy, but between the two, she’s the one who spent more time with me when i was a toddler and a kid.

And like me, lot other kids have lived the same situation: a full-time mom and a dad who was at work all day. Probably now is not so often, because finally both parents have the same right to work and define themselves through work, but in the 80s (especially in Italy, i don’t know in the rest of the world) moms stood home with the baby and dads provided for the family.

So, the question is: what was my father for me? Or in general, since the things didn’t change a lot in the last decades, what’s the role of dads, if they are not at home so often?

Dad are those who suppose to be the funny and sweet side of the story. My mom was there to raise me properly, and sometimes she was pretty hard with me, because she needed to teach me a lesson. My dad was there to play with him and comfort me when my mom was a little bit too hard. Every man in the family is the one with the jokes and provides some laughters and joy in the family. Dads are those with the most quality time in the family, just because they are not so much around and the kids want to spend so much time possible with their heroes…because for lot of kids out there, dads are heroes…at least it was for my generation.

Even if they were not so around, they raise kids. The culture of the hard work, dedication, the “be the responsible one” or “try to do the right thing” are some of the things that dads teach every single day without even saying a single words to their kids. Just the way they live, talk and treat other is enough to tell a 6-years-old how adult really are. If some teenagers are disrespecful, arrogant, unkind and selfish is because their dads are sometimes just like them.

I love my dad. I really do. Lot of the thing i learned in my life and the things i know are in my mind because my dad was there for me to tell me those things. he gave everthing he got and he tried to be the possible father. Yes, he sometimes made mistakes, but who didn’t, but he tried to be as good as possible. Every dad doesn’t actually know what to do as a father: they learn how to be good day every single day. KIds must be a little bit patient if the father is not exactly the coolest father ever…they try, just appreciate that!

We should appreciate more dads, when we have one good in our home!

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