Being a Blogger #16: How big must i be to be Famous!

Once you open a blog the idea of becoming someone “important” is always there is our minds. In some of us this idea is more hidden than in the other, but almost all of the blogger in internet wants to create a healthy and big community. In less words, all of us want to become FAMOUS. My question is: how many followers a blogger must have to be called famous?

It’s a very funny question. The problem here is to realised what the world famous really means and what the world wants to say with the definition of “being famous”.

Being famous means that you are known by someone. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. The collaboration with brands, the money and all the privilegues you might receive are just collateral effects of the fact that people know you. The real definition of being famous is that you are known by someone.

So, theoretically you are famous with just only one follower, because you are known by someone, which means that you are for someone “famous”. This is all about. Technically, every single blogger, as soon are reach the very first follower, is famous. So, we did it, ladies and gentlement!

But the “real” definition and the “world” definition doesn’t match. For the world, being famous means something else.

You are famous as soon as EVERYONE knows you…i mean, every single person in the so called “civilized world” has to know your name and everytime you go somewhere people has to get crazy, just because they have seen you. This is the only way the world can define you “famous”. Before this goal you are something between nothing and irrelevant. And this is kinda sad, because no matter how talented you are, if you don’t achieve a certain number of followers, the world doesn’t really know that you even exist. Yes, you can collabotare with some brands and you can earn money, bun you will never reach the “fame” you always dream of as soon as that certain number is reached.

Now the question is: “which number is considered the condition to be famous?” Tha’t a nice question. The feeling i have and the things much more informed people than me, asy that from a million upwards is a reasonable number to start to think of you as famous. The higher you get (2, 3, 4 million and onwards), the bigger is your fame and the bigger are the opportunities in fron of your eyes. All the numbers below are not considered enough to be called famous…you can still make tons of money, but you are not famous.

I have the following question for you: once you have a stable income with your digital business, does it really matter to get more and more until literally everyone knows you?

In my opinion, we shoud not even thing to try to reach the fame at any cost. It just a unhealthy lifestlyle both trying to reach the ultimate fame and then keeping it. Just let it go this very dangerous idea. I’m ok, that you want to create your business to see your wallet full and a community is what you need, but at one point you should say stop. The effort is just not worthy. My advice? Work hard, create your universe and continue to grow until you can keep your baby under control. As soon as you see that things are about to get too big for you, just stop it and enjoy what you have achieved!

We have just one life, don’t waste to reach the unreachable!

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