The perfect Relationship #8: Talking is THE ESSENCE of a LOVE STORY!

If you ask any sinlge human being “what’s the most important thing in a relationship?” people would say probably that what happens in the bedroom is in the very top or at least in the top three. I quite get that…i mean, intimacy in the bedroom is important, but it’s only few minutes of pure wildness (or at least it should be). Apart from making love, is there anything else more important than get naked and do nasty things?

My personal opinion? Talking. For me talking must be for everyone in the very top of the most important thing in a relationship. I mean, it’s the only thing that actually matter for a couple that wants last more than few weeks or maybe a couple of months. Sometimes this way to think, that talking si not so important, is absolutely madness for me. Why don’t we sit for a second and start to think how weird humanity sometimes is?

From the very beginning, the talking is the only way you have to make a good impression. Yes, you can dress some fancy clothes, but if you don’t speak, can you explain me and yourself how can you convince the other person to go out with you again? You can’t and you know it! I know that those moments are very stressful or you are maybe pretty shy and having a long and pleasent conversation with stranger can be hard, but taking off clothes and make some nasty stuff just to avoid the talking is not the solution, trust me! Actually, if you don’t speak, how can you know the other’s name?…it’s pretty weird and very rude, after having done some dirty things, not remembering the name of the other naked person in your bed.

Even if you are lucky to do the impossible (making someone falling in love with you without saying a word) and you start a relationship, how do you think to make things right? If you don’t speak with your parner you will not know anything about him or her. What’s you gonna give him or her to all the birthdays? What do you want to cook fot your partner, if you have no idea what he or she likes? What movie do you choose? And so many other things that right now would be too long to write and i don’t have all day for this post!

Oh, and talking about “making love”…since that lot of people think that this is the most important thing in the world, let me tell you something: how can you make you partner happy without having a nice and long conversation about it? No, doing the “usual”, or what you see in internet, is not the right strategy to be a good partner. None of us is alike and there are things that you know only if you talk with your partner. If you don’t ask or if you are too shy to say anything, how can you know what you beloved loves and doesn’t love, what she needs and she doesn’t need, how and when you have to do certain things…all this knowledge is not available if you don’t say a word. You can put the “intimate activity” on the top of the list, only if there’s trust, confidence, openess and will to talk about it. Otherwise, your game will be always poor.

I don’t get that! I don’t believe the idea that, for some unknown reason, physical connection is much more important than the emotional one. Because everyone can get the body naked, but get your soul naked? Can you do that? It’s scary, but it’s even scarier for me to realised that you are together with a person you don’t know at all…i mean, you ca easily say that if you don’t match with your partner, you can leave and go somewhere else. You might be right, but what if you have kids? There are so many married couple out there who are about to get divorced, or they have already divorced, because they haven’t talked enough and all of a suddedn they had no idea why they got together in the first place!

I tell you, better a stupid question asked that a important one not asked! Talk with your partner as much as you can, even if the conversation is shallow…there’s always something to learn, if you listen and read between the line! In this way you can be happy, your partner will be happy and you relationship will last maybe forever!

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