Being a Blogger #17: How to promote yourself?

We all know that blogging is not an easy thing to do. I mean, it is theoretically, because the only thing you have to do is saying something, whatever it is. The real problem is reaching people in the first place. Because that, my friend, is the key of success…or at least the key to find someone in this digital Pacific Ocean called internet. The only question that matters is: how to reach people?

Followers don’t come automatically on your blog just because you start writing something. You are not God and no one has so much luck. If you are lucky, you will be alone only for the first days, but in lot of cases weeks pass before to see some followers join the space we have create to share your thoughts. And even in that case, the number of followers will not be so big, basically you were Mr. Nobody before, you will still be Mr. Nobody after that. Days pass, you still work hard to improve your skills and to make your blog works, but your “community” doesn’t want to grow. What do you want to do? Well, it’s an hard question, because it’s not easy. Yes, social media is the first thing we have in mind when we talk about sharing, but you have no idea on which platform and how.

In my opinion, i don’t think social media are the perfect place for your content anymore. I’m not saying that social media are useless and you can still upload whatever you want and all the content you desire, but do you know how fast they work? I mean, in just few seconds you have to be seen but thousand of people and all of those people must like what they see. It’s not possible…technically it can be, but very few contents become viral and yours won’t be one of them, unless you don’t do something very stupid, in that case your content might become viral. You have to use Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook not with the huge hope to become someone very fast, but just to improve your SEO. The better your position in internet is, the easier is for your blog to be found and more potencial followers you can reach. Use social media with caution, because they can be very fragile.

Why are social media fragile? Because of spam and parental control.

In the beginning of internet and social media, everyone was able to upload everthing without any kind of problem or consequences. Then Fake News, Terrorism, Hatred and all those wonderful stuff that have intoxicated internet in a very fascinating way, have forced social media to control in advanced that ALL THE NEW AND OLD CONTENT on their platform are family friendly and don’t hurt babies and very fragile minds. Youtube, Twitter and Facebook are a perfect example, with their algorithm to automatically control contents and with the “NO FAKE NEWS” policy that have invested Donald Trump when he was the President of the United States. Now you are not free anymore to upload whatever you want, because if you do and you don’t control it, the social media can either delete your content, in the best case scenario, or they can block or delete your account in the worst case scenario. Anyway, in both cases you are pretty screwed. Better be careful with your content.
Even if your contents are very family-friendly, you have to reach and convinced other people that you are “worthy” their follow. It’s not an easy task. How to do that?

Sharing content is not something easy. Well, it’s easy because you need to click on a botton, and it’s very easy, but the sharing means something else: when, where and how often?

The “Where” side of the story is already cleared: social media (even if with reserve) and a perfect SEO are the way to make your content visible.

The “When” side of the story is not that easy. There are two cases: with or without a community. With a community is relatively easy to schedule your content, because you have a fanbase and you know where your followers comes from. So, you can decide where to post, thinking of when they are more active on your blog and of jetlag…jetlag? Of course! Think about it: you are in Europe and the biggest part of your fanbase comes from Australia and that huge island is nine hours ahead, depending on the city. If you want to publish, you need to make sure that your followers can read your content as soon as possible. For example, in this case would be not very smart to publish your content at 3 PM european time, because in Australia would be midnight. Even the day is important. Not all the days are the same: in some days you have more traffic than the others. I can’t tell you the days, because every community is different, but if you take a look of your statistic, you can see which is the best day for publishing your contents.
Without a community all of that is impossible, because you have absolutely no idea what to do. There’s only one thing you can do: schedule your content. Post every week in the same days, at the same time. In this way people can get used to the fact that your content come out regularly and they don’t have to wait or hope to read them. Do your best to be regular and hope for the best.

The “how often” side of the story is the most important one. The problem of the “how often” is that you are talking to people, at least you try to. Which means that those people doesn’t like to see the same content over and over again, because you share it every hour or multiple times a day. It’s exhausting for you and for them. More than that, social media, especially Instagram, doesn’t like the Spamming too much…actually Instagram doesn’t like Spamming at all. Be careful what you do and how much you want to promote yourself, because more post is not related to more views and more success…actually, it can bring you to the point where your social media accounts will be disabled, due to spamming. Trust me, if you are good and your content are good, internet will push you. The key is to know the platform you are using and how it works. Then you can think about your “promoting strategy” to be effective. Just avoid Spamming, because it’s too risky and doesn’t bring you anywhere!

My conclusions: use social media, Google itself or any other sharing platform, but be very careful what you do and don’t demand to be successful in just few days, because it doesn’t work like that. Know what you are using, respect the people who are using the platform with you, define a strategy and be patient. You can do that!

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