Funny Country Review #4: Germany!

I live in Germany since 2013. Everything i am going to write in this post are things that i have personally lived….and trust me: not everything that shines is gold. Germany is a great country, but there are some very funny things that someone has to say!

For the entire world, Germany is the leading country in Europe. And it is: with Angela Merkel, the german country was powerful, both politically and economically. From the outside. Living things from the inside, i have no idea how it is even possible to have all this powers. German people are probably a little bit overrated, because they are not so diligent as the want us to believe. German workers are pretty lazy. They don’t wok too much or they live for working. The only difference between them and other country is that here there’s maybe higher standard in terms of technology and machines in the industry. Those two factor is helping the german workers to work faster and better in the 40 hours of weekly work, but they take long breakes and they don’t nothing more than thier daily job.

Food is great. I am italian, so i know what i am talking about. In Germany you eat well, pretty fat and big portion of it. And you can actually find everything you want: italian, mexican, asian…all of it. However, even if people use to eat everything, the Döner Kebap is the king of fast food. The Turkish community in Germany, especially in Berlin, is pretty big and they have brought some of their food with them and the Döner is one of those things. In Berlin you can find lot of small places (almost in every corner) where you can buy Döner. How is it? it’s pretty tasty, not so expencive and it’s pretty typical of Berlin, but all the other big and small cities have at least one Döner fast food. Hard to describe, you need to come here and eat it!
And beer. United Stated and England are pretty famous for beer, but the only two places to go to drink some good beer are Ireland and Germany. Here, especially in South Germany, there are so many kind of them that you would need years of your life just to try all of them. I’m not joking, but there are thousand of different beers in Germany and since a years is made of 365 days…

Fashion industry is bad. Not because here in Germayn there’s no way to dress well, but because they don’t want to. I mean, women try to look cute, but men absolutely not. I have seen things that made my eyes bleed. No, i’m not talking about white socks and sandals in summer (that must be a crime, by the way), but things that any normal human being would say “oh, that’ so cool” because it wasn’t and still is not. And those men find girls, that’s my problem: either women are blind and desperate or i think just way too much…or i am ugly as hell and that might be the reason why i have so hard time to find a woman…

The public transport system is not that bad…if it’s not striking. All the wokers in the public system trasport are in a labor union and every two years the union starts a fight against the company, who controls the public trasports, to have better work condition. I’m generally fine with that, the problem is that those fights last for weeks and in those weeks the system stops to work properly because the workers go on strike. Even if those strikes are declaired before, those days you know when you leave your house, but you have no idea if you go to destination and if you come back home at a reasonable time. Sometimes it’s just ridicolous.

Oh, and we can’t forget about the great works…like the new Berlin aiport. It was the most notorious and infamous case of disorganization and incompetency in the last years, but in Germany there have been lot of cases where corruption and personal interests have been put before the community. Germany is not the most legal country in the world, all the crime are hidden pretty well from the other coutries’ eyes. But one thing for sure: once a scandal explode in here, it’s explode in a spectacular way.

Of course for the tourist there are so much things to see, but who cares? I am not a travel blogger and i am not paid by the german government to say something nice about the place a live…right now! I am here to say thing that not a single soul would say to promote the place they live and love. But someone has to do that!

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