What it…Hitler had won the WWII?

Our world is what it is right now, because of what happened after the WWII: the division on Germany in four sectors, the horrible relationship between Russia and United States, the cold War and everything around. The five years between September 1939 and June 1945 has designed the world right now. We are now “free” because Hitler lost and the allied won. What if, however, Hitler was the winner?

Before to get into it, little background history. Hitler got the power in 1933. People might thing that someone like him took the power with the force. Absolutely not! This is the “fascinating” thing: we won the election. German people thought that Hitler was the right person to solve their proplem…and Germany had huge problems, especially after the Great War.
Once he got the power, Hilter had this idea that the “arian race” was the only worthy race to live in this planet and it needed space, because Germany was apparently too small. So, he thought that a war might be a wonderful solution: just a couple of year of physical activity and the world would have been his. There was only one problem: Germany way exactly in the middle of Europe and it might be attacked by three sides: the Westers side, the Eastern Side and the Southern side or Europe. The southern side was “protected” in two moves: Hitler annexed Austria and made an alliance with Mussolini in Italy, for the eastern side Hitler and Stalin made a non-belligerent pact where Hitler said “Hey S, i am going to make a mess here in Europe…don’t get into it, ok?” and Stalin answered “Hey H, no problemo! Just don’t do something stupid against me!”. With two out of three side “protected” he started the war.

On September 1st 1939 Germany invaded Poland. Since that moment Germany was unstoppable. In less than a year he conquered half of Europe, included the biggest part of France. He tried to conquer England, but it was a huge failure. So, stalemate was created, because in France Germany could not get the job done and England was impossible to conquer. So, he thought “you know what Stalin, change of plans! I need your territory and raw material right now! Screw the pact, i’m coming to kick your butt!” In the beginning Stalin was worried, then he saw when the german army started the campaing and he laughed, because he thought “Oh, here we go again!”
Hitler started the campaing in June and the Wermacht came in Russia in Autumn. Basically it was 1812 again. One century later and people continue not to learn the lesson. In the beginning the Wermacht was fast, ruthless and very organized and they were close to conque Russia, however the two winters between 1941 and 1943 were decisive, because Germany was not prepared fot the russian winter. Russian army knew what do to in the freezing cold and they were too much more prepared to survive in the cold, becasue they were at home and the supplying was much easier for them than for the Wermacht. Don’t get me wrong: Russia was unprepared and very bad organisez, but Germany had no idea what to do in the long terms. Technically, the russian campaign, together with the V-Day in Normandy, was the reason why Hilter killed himself in 1945.

Now the question is: what if Hitler started the campaing in Winter? This is the question! Well, the Wermacht, in this case, would have come into Russia in Spring, with a better weather condition and probaly way much higher opportunity to reach the goals the planned.

Much probably, Germany would have conquered Russia, or at least what Hitler wanted to conquer in Russia (basically strategic territories and raw matierials). With that, Germany would have been able to start a long fight against England and they woud have probably marched in London for real, because England would not have had the same resources than Germany with the russian territories. United States didn’t need to involved itself in the european side of the war, because there would have been nothing more to protect or help. Maybe Japan would have been much more successful against the United States in the Pacific Ocean, because maybe Germany would have helped Japan in that side of the war. Even Italy would have been maybe now a kingdom with several countries under its control. Europe would look different with a huge German nation in the entire Europe and north of Asia, Japan kingdom in the rest of Asian continena and the rest of the world.

In Europe we would speak right now german or italian (probably german), we would be all atheltic, blonde with blue eyes and we would be forced to take part of military parades every month, to learn the great history of the German Nation and part of the history would be for us unknown. More than that, concentration and extermination camps would still maybe work, just to make sure that gay, people with handicap, jews, politcal opposition, and all those, who don’t respect the “arian standards” are destroyed. Freedom and democrazy were just a mith or a mirage and North Korea leading style might not be something so insane.

World would be too much different than right now, much more violent, with no democrazy and fear to say anything. Everything would have been controlled and as soon you do something suspicious, your life might be over. I mean, there tons of pages and documents that told us how insane the Gestapo and the SS really were. You know what? Better now. It’s still a hard world to live, but better now than under the Hilter regime. At least i can say whatevery i want, i don’t see people sistematically killed because they are different than me and there’s freedom everywhere i look.
It might not be a perfect world, but it is way much better than the world might be right now with Hitler’s grandchildren.

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