3rd Milestone: the first Month!

Is celebrating the first month of something a usual thing or am i just a crazy dude, who need to be internate in some rehabilitation center? You know what, who cares! I am here because i want to celebrate the first month of blogging! After the first two milestone, it’s time for the third one.

I started this “challenge” on November 18th and since that moment i have never stopped writing and posting. I mean, 100 post in just one month don’t write for themselves. Is it too much? Well, three post a day are pretty much, i know that, but i can’t do nothing about it: once i turn on my computer the only thing i want to do is writing about everything i have in mind. Actually, as soon as i wake up i can’t wait to sit on my computer and write. Am i addicted? Maybe, but better this addiction than being drug addicted…at least with my “addiction” i can make myself and other people happy. My bank account is not happy, becaue i am not making a cent out of this blog, but one day i will come to that point, but it’s not right now the goal of this post.

Thirty days are gone. How was the first month? How do i feel? I thing that those are the two real question i need to find ananswer to.

It was funny and a little bit frustrating. Funny because i was able to open my mind and let my thought and emotion run free. For the first time i was able “lose control” and let my emotions lead me wherever they want to. Often i lost the knowledge of time and i was able to work 70 or even 80 hours a week. I know that’s a lot, but i didn’t force myself to do that, i just did without even thinking about it. I have been having so much fun talking with internet! And i was able to go in different direction to see what topic might be the good one for me…it was a very pleasent weeks.
However, it was a little bit frustrating. I knew already that in the very beginning i would be alone and i would have had very hard time to make other people read what i had to say. I was conscious about that. The problem is that i am a little bit too impatient sometimes and i want everything immediately and when i don’t have the hoped result in the short amount of time, i get sad and i think of giving up…but not this time! Because i see my statistic and i see a constant growth in my blog. I am not talking about something huge, but there’s a growth there and that gives me the reason to keep going.

My goal for the next month? Well, i don’t know. I can say whatever i want, but it doesn’t entirely depend on me. I can write whatever i want, but if you don’t like what i write, all my plans are pretty useless. Let’s see what happens.

Thank you all for having started to follow me in the past and thank you in advance for those who will follow me in the future.

See ya


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5 thoughts on “3rd Milestone: the first Month!

  1. Hey! What you’re doing is quite good! I believe that when you work hard, the results will start pouring in. So just go on!

      1. Exactly! Do what you believe in doing! Just don’t ever give up. If you think it’s too much, give yourself a break, but never quit completely! Best of luck with your blog!

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