What if…World War I never started?

I already said in this post how the World War II effected the world we live in right now, because after the WWII started the cold war and everything connected to it. But why did the WWII started in the first place? Easy, the WWII happened because of what happened after the WWI. Now the question is: What if the WWI never happened? Because, my friends, this “what if” is REAL GAME CHANGER.

Little historic background: In Europe there were six big nations: England, France, the fresh-born Italy, Russia, Germany and Austria-Hungary. It would be nothing interesting in that, except that all this nations/kingdoms were very closely connected trought pacts and alliances that have created a very confused and complicated situation, where if only one of those six nations declaired war to another nation, even for the stupidest reason, the entire Europe (and all the colonies) had to fight that fight, turning the conflict into a global war. No one wants a fight, especially because after the end of Napoleon, Europe lived one of the longest moments of piece, the so called “Belle Epoque”. Anyone had interest to start anything. Then, in June 1914 something happened, that changed the world forever.

On 28 June 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria (…) visited Sarajevo, capital of the recently annexed provinces of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Six assassins from the movement known as Young Bosnia, or Mlada Bosna, took up positions along the route taken by the Archduke’s motorcade, with the intention of assassinating him. (…) Nedeljko Čabrinović threw a grenade at the Archduke’s car and injured two of his aides, who were taken to hospital while the convoy carried on. The other assassins were also unsuccessful but an hour later, as Ferdinand was returning from visiting the injured officers, his car took a wrong turn into a street where Gavrilo Princip was standing. He stepped forward and fired two pistol shots, fatally wounding Ferdinand and his wife Sophie, who both died shortly thereafter.


In that moments, between Austria and Serbia there were na awful relatioship. In the entire month of July was tried invane to find some kind of agreement to avoid the conflict. In the beginning of August, Germany declaired war against France. Europe was in was. Two big “team” built up: the “triple alliance”, formed by Germany, Austria-Hungary and since 1915 Italy and the “triple Entente” formed by France, Russia and England. If you want to know the entire story, i leave you the Wikipdia page.

What’s more important for me is the end. “Triple Entente” won. They should be happy with that, instead they decided to do what the should not do: humiliating Germany…and that was the beginning of something very horrible, they didn’t know yet. How did the winning country humiliated Germany? With the Treaty of Versaille of 1919: the Central Powers (Germany and Austria-Ungary) were declaired as the only responsible of the beginnin of the war and they were forced to accept a very humiliating and expencive peace treaty:

The treaty was divided into several parts relating to different contents, some of which are: the restoration of the territorial borders of Germany and neighboring countries, the dismantling of the German colonial empire, war reparations and the restrictions on rearmament to be imposed on Germany. The treaty also established the creation of a commission which was to determine the extent of the reparations to be paid by Germany. In 1921, with the Genoa conference, this figure was officially established at 132 billion gold marks


Germany felt humiliated and it was military and economically ruined. At the end of the war, the entire Europe put the blame on Germany and there’s much more: Germany lost all the colonies it had, the army was completely destroyed and the 132 billion gold marks were just the last nail into the coffin…the coffin for the Europe, of course. Since that moment, the german people started to be angry, disappointed and furios against Europe. Already right after the war, there was hyperinlaction were a dollar was 4.210.500.000.000 marks worth and a piece of bread cost in 1923. Then, with the following financial breakdown in 1929, Germany was a very desperate and literally hungry nation. In those conditions, Hilter found a very fertile ground to get the power and do what he did, when he was the “Führer”.

But what if Grabilo Pronzip missed the shot or he was unbale to kill the Archduke Franz Ferdinand? No WWI in the first place, there was no reason for any nation to start a conflict. As a consequences, no Versailles treaty and no reparation to be paid by Germany; no german financial crisis due to the reparation and no anger and humiliation feeling in the German polulation. Without this bad feeling spread throught the people in Germany, Hilter would have never become chancellor and WWII was never in our history books. Which means no Germany divided in 4 sector and no Berlin Wall, no bad relationship between Russia and USA, no NATO and warsaw pact, “cold war” would have been only a great name for a fiction movie and today we would live in a very, very different world, maybe with United States and Russia allied or at least in peace. Europe would be much more rich than today and the very last war we would remember would the the One with Naopleon involved. 200 years of peace between nation and the 20th Century would have been a very boring Century where development and researches were the most important things to remember and artist and people of science would have been the “name to remember”. That’s it. Think about of how many millions people would be still alive, because all the wars in the 20th Century never took place, and how much money we would have for science…I am pretty sure that i would be able to put my foot on Mars. It’s absolutely mindblowing.

It’s even more mindblowing for me to think the following thing: the world we have right now is based by a man who shoot a man back in 1914. Insane! Grabilo Prinzip is the reason of the world today. He could do anything else, instead of taking out the gun, point it to Franz Ferdinand and pull the trigger. Simply fascinating like a man can change the world with one just decision.

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