Being a Blogger #18: Right Age to be a Blogger?

When you decided to start a blog, apart form the idea, the talent and the eventual schedule you have in mind, to make your digital space successful, there are lot of other thing you have to keep in mind to make sure you don’t see you idea be crushed in few days. One of those “other thing” is that you will never be alone, but people will read your content. The question i have right now is: is age a factor for success in blogging?

My honest answer would be “age plays a role, but it’s not the ONLY THING that matter”. Here is my point about age.

Once you publish something in internet, you have absolutely no idea who is gonna read what you have to say. It may be a teenager, a kid, a 40-years-old man or woman, a 60-years-old and everything inbetween. You can’t control who can comes in your personal space. So, you basically talk potencially with all the present and future humanity on this planet. In my opinion, the key for a global success, is that you should be young enough to talk to the young people (not an eas task), but old enough to be taken seriously by the older ones. Just think about two examples: a teenager and a 40-years-old who have a travel blog. Let’s start from the teenager.

A teenager has a very specific way to see the world…and you can see it when this teenager reviews a place: the focus is on all the “funny” things you can do once you get there and if those thing are cheap or not, because teenagers want to have fun, but they don’t want to spend too much money, not because they don’t want to, but because parents don’t give them too much money to waste. They would be in the position to spend every single cent for the fun, but then the parents would kill that poor souls, if they come back home with no money in their wallet. On the other side we have the adult.

The adult, on the other side, the way he or she sees life and vacation is diametral different from a teenager. For the adults one of the most important things in a place are the services (public transport, road, bicycle lanes, how near is the sea or the next train station to get in the city center), if the place have enough offer for children, maybe if there are interesting place to visit, and if the hotel or the lifestyle there is expencive, not because he has to face the anger of the parents once they get home, but because with a family costs are a lot and one has to spare money somewhere. For the “fun” adult doesn’t have any interest, because after a long year of work, they want to use those three weeks just to relax and recharge the battery, be ready to survive to another year of work.

Now, i want to play a little game with you: imagine if a teeager talks to adults and if adults talk to teenager. Those two have very hard time to understand each other: the teenager find adults boring and adult fund teenager “stupid and understandable”. This is the “problem” i have with age and internet: if you talk about something, you must be in the position to be both “cool enough” for the teenager and “seriou enough” for the adult. If you are too old or too young for the other side, you will cut out a huge part of the potencial community, not because you are stupid or it’s forbidden, it’s just how humanity works.

So, what might be the right age to start a blog? In my personally opinion, if you are in the late 20 is the perfect age to start. In this way, all the adult can take you seriously, but the teenager can still relate to you, because you are not too old for them and for you the teenage time was not so long ago. Of course you get older, but also your community get also older, but the teenager, who in the meantime become young adults, are still young enough to bring to you young teenager on your side, because for them “you are one on them”. For the older part of your audience i would not make so much worries about, because they don’t have time to follow you every single day. I mean, between family and work they have barely time to breath sometimes, but when they read you, they want to read something worthy their precious time.

I said in the beginning, “age plays a role, but it’s not the ONLY THING that matter”. Technically there is a way to break the rule, because thre are young blogger who are taken seriously by old people and old people who are followed by very young guy. Not a lot, but there are some. What’s the secret? You must absoutely a master in communication and talent enough to talk with both side of the community easily. In this case, you care the expeption…but there’s no lot of blogger with these qualities! I am not, for example, because i have a little of proplem to talk with younger people, even if i am in the last 20s.

What’s your opinion? Is age a factor or absolutely irrlevenat?

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