Is being Vegan AFFORDABLE?

I have saved this post on day one of my blog. Since that moment i have never found the “courage” to write my thought about something that make people talk. Now being vegan is usual and nothing strange and weird today: supermarket offer vegan products and there are also restaurants and fast food entirely vegan or part of the menu is vegan. My question is not if it is right or not, but i want to figure out if a vegan lifestyle is affordable on a large scale and for a long period of time!

We all know what being vegan is all about, right? Long story short, they don’t use any products from animals. Yes, not eating meat and animal derivatives products (like milk, eggs, cheese, fishes…) is only one side of story, there’s also cosmetic, clothes and every single field in the economy, where animal products are used. Just looking how much animal are used, the question is inevitable: is being vegan something possible for the entire humanity? I’m not talking about just few million of people, i am talking about seven (almost eight) billion people on planet Earth, present and future, who decided to save and protect animals.

Not killing animals for food and other products is a wonderful thing. Yes, it is for sure! Vegan are trying desperetely to change things, but the people still want to buy both that juicy steak, ready in the supermarket to be bought and the happily eaten, and all the cosmetics product to look better. However, vegan are right: what we have in your shopping cart is the end of a huge, expencive and raw material consuming process. It’s not only me saying something like that, but you need hundreds of liter of water and wheat to produce one kilo meat…just for one kilo. Think about the entire world, who eats thousands, or even millions, of tons of meat. If we avoid the use of meat or any other derivatives products, in the world thousands or even million of cubic meters are not used…water we can easily use in those region where people have a very difficult access to it. And the same can be applied to wheat: all the products, that comes from those field to produced wheat and soya, can be used to help people in poor regions to have something to eat. More than that, part of the land we use for the meat production right now would not be maybe necessary anymore, so we can give it back to the nature. If you read what i have just said, your question would be “why are ew not already all vegan?”

And your answer is the answer of my question: is it affordable for the humanity being vegan?

I don’t think that being vegan is a reasonable way to live…not because it’s bad, i think that animal must be protected and treated with the necessary respect as living being, however i don’t think that’s something we can afford…especially with the rate we are growing.

Humanity is a cancer. We all know that. And we are actually acting like it: we are spreading and destroying everything we touch, like cancer cells. And we are growing…we are growing freaking fast, thanks to China, Africa and big parts of Asia where get pregnant and having a numerous family is a standard. Even if in Europe, USA and Australia the birth rate is not so huge, there are otherr countries which are compensating our little problem. But this is bad.

In this planet we are not alone. There is also nature with animals, trees and lawns. the nature need water, like human being, and lot of animals need other animals to survive. I don’t want to sound like a bad man (mayeb i will be), but farming industry is “keeping the balance”, even if very poorly, between animals and human being. But what if animal are free and we don’t touch them anymore? Well, they started to grow again…with the same rate of humanity, maybe even more…and those animals needs water and often wheat to live. Sooner than later it will be them against us for the resources, with the only difference that we know how to provice resources and how to kill hundreds of animals in once.

If vegan is a way to protect animals, it’s a wrong strategy if you look the bigger picture. If you think of today and maybe of tomorrow, yes it might be affordable, but if you think of the metaphorical “next week” humanity will kill animals for the raw materials. It won’t change anything with being vegan. If you really want to save the animals and the planet we need to start to control the birth rate…that would be a successful strategy in the long terms, but it would be absolutely illegal and not well welcome at all!

Sorry, but vegan for me is not the answers to save the resources of this planet. We need to look for something else more efficient!

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