Becoming an entrepeneur #2: How to sell your products?

If you are reading this post means that you have already figured out the reason behind the idea of quitting your job and become a self-employee…if you don’t, please don’t read any further, because you must be 110% sure of the reason behind this life-changing chioce. For the others, the question you must have in mind is: how to sell things? Because this question is a little bit harder than you might think.

Let’s start speaking of the objects or performances you want to sell or offer. It absolutely doesn’t matter what you want to sell. Don’t waste your time in searching for the thing never offered before, because there will be someone who already sells what you want to sell. It’s a certainty in life that you can’t change. I am a self-employee myself and i’m trying to sell art products. I thought it was a good idea, then i realised that there are at least other 20 competitors for the same product i wanted to sell. In that moment i realised that the products were the last of my problems.

Technically you can choose to sell whatever you want, even things you have never seen before and you have never used in your entire life, and you could still make a huge amount of money. The only thing is a good marketing and another ingredient i will tell you later. If you don’t believe me, think about Apple. Apple is the perfect example of how to be absolutely a leader with an expencive product, which is against any rule of commerce, but Apple did it and it’s still doing pretty well!

Apple is expencive. No question about it. Every single product they have to offer is more expencive than the competition. A normal person, between two products with the same quality, would choose the cheaper one, because one can have the same quality to a better price. I mean, who would be so “stupid” to spend more, when you can spend less? But life is a box full of mistery and surprise. The truth? People don’t think as they suppose to think. In the real world, everytime a new Apple product comes to the market, ready to be sold, people get crazy and do crazy stuff just to have one of those products. And they are ready to empty the bank account just to have some more apples in their homes. This is mindblowing!

You can easily say that Apple has been having so much success in the last two decades because of great products, great ideas and a spectacular marketing strategy. Well, all of it is just one side of the story. There’s something that often people don’t see…and this thing is how they sell their products. No, this has nothing to do with marketing. Think about Steve Jobs. As long as he was alive, he was the one who presented new products and the reason behind this choice is that he knew how to talk with people and how to keep their interest high. Everytime there was an Apple conference, people around the world wanted to be there personally or waned to see it live on streaming. He was a wonderful talker and we had the feeling that he knew what he was saying. That’s the other ingredients: communication.

In my marketing post, i used the example of the milk. Just use it for one more time. You can have the perfect milk, the perfect marketing strategy, but still you can struggle to sell what you want. Why is that? Because maybe the client doesn’t trust you so much and they think you don’t look like an expert when you describe your product. Lot of people, before to buy something, want to know more about your offer. The client, and more important all your commercial partners, must be sure that you know what you are doing. What do i mean by that? Well, you have to make sure that the potencial client, and all the people you work with, think that you are one of the biggest expert in the product, in this case milk. How to do that? You can have a talent for that or you can learn, but one thing is sure: in this moment, you don’t have to be an expert, but you have to look like one to convince someone to invest in you.

It’s irrelevant what you really know about the product, what matters it the experience you gave to the people: the right word at the right time for right product can change the game in a way you can’t even imagine. Communication, confidence and how you look are crucial if you want that your marketing strategy works and your product is sold. Marketing helps you to inform people that you exists, but the words are the only tool you have to let people open the wallet and give you the money you want so bad. In this world, the package is more important than what’s inside. With the right use of words, everything is possible! If you practice, you might be able to sell a refrigeraton in the North Pole, trust me!

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