Italian Drink #2: Limoncello

Lemon is a wonderful product. In Italy grow lot of the most amazing kind of lemons, like the Sorrento’s lemon, which are very big, very juicy and absolutely a beauty to use in the kitchen. Normally lemon it’s used to prepare tee, to bake some cakes and to make those tasty and very refreshing “granita” (crushed ice on which fruit syrup is poured). This is the “clean” version of lemon, we italian have created a “dirty and juicy side” of lemon. Yes, there’s an “adult version” of lemon. Which one? Oh, have you ever heard of Limoncello?

Limoncello is when lemon get nasty with pure alcohol, sugar and water. Yes, only four different ingredients. It’s basically a foursome! i told you that things are about to get very nasty. To prepare a homemade Limoncello you need, other than the ingredients (of course), 2 months of preparation. No, i am not wrong, you need time for the alcohol and the syrup to make their work. Maybe the preparation might last too long, but once that the Limoncello is ready, you will witness the power and the perfection of South Italy’s nature. Trust me.

After the few line i wrote, you decided that, despite the two months of preparation, you want to try Limoncello, because you are too curios and your stomach is telling you “do it!…Just do it!”? Well, relax and read until the end. The following recepy is taken by “GialloZafferano“, the only friend you need to have if you want to cook and eat REAL italian food.

Are you ready to get dirty and the enjoy the perfume of the Mediterrean Sea?

Wash the lemons under running water, rub the peel with a clean sponge to remove any dirt, then dry the lemons with a cloth. Peel the lemons with a potato peeler, taking care to take only the yellow peel and not the bitter white part known as the pith. Pour the alcohol and lemon peels into an airtight glass jar, close the lid and leave the peels to steep for 30 days in a dark place away from heat sources.
After 30 days, remove the peels and prepare the syrup: pour the water and sugar into a pan, bring the syrup to a boil and once it has started to boil, turn off the heat, pour the syrup into a pitcher and let it cool completely. Then add the syrup to the lemon peel jar. Shake the jar to blend the syrup and alcohol, then leave it to rest for a further 40 days, in the dark and away from heat sources.
Next, take the jar with the liqueur, shake it and pour the contents through a strainer, collecting the liqueur in a bottle using a funnel. Your homemade limoncello is ready to be enjoyed!

Giallo Zafferano

And that’s it. You don’t need more than that. For the amount of the ingredient you need, please visiti Giallo Zafferano internet site to know them.

How does it taste? It tastes like lemon…i mean, if you call it something Limoncello (from the italian “limone”, in engligh lemon) it has to taste like sweet lemon, because the sugar takes awaya all the bitter notes of the lemon. However there’s alcool in it. So, when you drink limoncello you have to feel the burning sensation of alcohol. The feeling must not be so strong, otherwise it just undrinkable, but just enough to understand that there’s alcohol in it!

Limoncello is perfect after a wonderful lunch, because it’s very light to drink and it’s perfect, when it served very cold in those very how summer afternoons, when you can’t eat anything, but you need something tasty and delicious to drink! The most amazing thing about Limoncello is that you can do it anywhere you are. You don’t need something complicated or a specific tools to make things happen, just a pan, some heat and a jar. That’s the wonderful thing about it!

Who knows…maybe i have just given you the perfect idea for something interesting! Maybe, however, today i have fullfilled my duty as well: telling you something more of my wonderful italy!

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