What if…Christopher Columbus never discovered America?

This is a lovely image, isn’t it? Well, i was able to have this picture because in 1492 someone from Spain was crazy enough to cross the Atlantic…however for the wrong reasons. But what if Christopher Columbus was not that crazy and thought that something like that would have been completely madness to achieve? How the world could look like now?

Before to say anything about how the world might be, little historical background.
It was the 15th Century. The world was not exactly like it was right now: Australian, America and big part of Africa was already there, but nobody knew their existance and the only big commercial route to India and the far East was the Silk Road. In that period of time, because the Ottoman Empire decided to close the route to the christians, people strarted to think if there’s a shorter way to get in Asia on the other side (direction West). Yes, it’s a stupid idea, because we all now know that between Europe and Asia there’s America, but in the 15th Century everything was still there to be discovered.

So, one crazy guy name Columbus, with some random calculation (trust me, that man was not so smart) decided to try to get to India sailing west. He tried in Protugal to get the money to do that, but in Portugal were people with a working brain and they rejected the plan. Then our hero decided to propose the plan in Spain and in that kingdom people were as crazy (and maybe stupid) as Columbus and they agreed to give Columbus what he needed. So, he took three Ships (Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria) and he sailed west.

One day he reached a coast. He was convinced to have reached Asia, but in truth, he found San Salvador and in his next three vojagers he explored the caribbean. That was the beginning or the exploration and conquer of the Americasa (both South and later North).

But the question was: what if Culumbus never discovered America?

Well, that’s a funny question. Looking the history in that period, humanity wanted to fill the blanks in the map so bad. Technically, i am pretty sure that sooner or later someone else would have discovered the american continent. I mean, it’s a pretty big continent…
However, it’s not about the probability, but it’s all about timing. The thirteen Colonies in north America declaired the indipendence from England in 1776. Just think about if America was not discovered in 1492, but in 1592, just a century later. If history repeated itself perfectly in the world, even with this little modification, the declaration of indipendence would have taken place in 1876…just fifthy year before the WWI. And America would have done probably nothing about the war, because it was not even a country and the biggest part of the population would have been right in the middle of the “Gold Rush”. More than that, the colonies would have not had all the infrastructure to become the first economy in the world in the beginning of the 20th Century and U.S.A. would have not possessed all the military strenght and organisation to help England, France and Russia dirung the WWI and, especially the WWII.

Technically the “Black Thursday” would not have happened in 1929, because Wall Strett was not that big and powerful, Which means that Europe would have not suffered by the financial consequences. Few years later, Hitler would have still takan the power in Germany (the situation there was still dramatic and it had nothing to do with United States) and maybe he would have even won the war, or at least the Third Reich would have lived way much longer. Maybe in Europe, Germany and the Allies would be the leaders of the continent and for the leading of the world there would have not been any nation strong enough to reclaim the throne as the king of the world…and America was just another country in the map. I don’t know, i’m trying to imagine how the world could be.
No atomic bomb used against Japan, no Vietnam War, no Korea War, no two Gulf Wars and maybe terrorism would not something common today.

I mean, all these “what if” make me realise how important and crucial United States are for the entire history. Without them, the world and human history would be absolutely different…the problem is that i can’t tell you if the changes would be for the good or for the bad. And everything started because a single crazy man started with three ships from Spain to find something he would have never found anyway…simply fascinating!

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