Being a blogger #19: archeology of Blogging!

What the hell is that? Well, let me explain you a little bit. Once you become a blogger, it doesn’t matter if you earn from it or not, you will write things…a lot of things. It doesn’t even matter how often you will post, at one point you will have hundreds of post in your blog. Now the question is: would you move forwards or would you take a look back? Why would you do that?

Before to say anything more, i need to explain what i mean with “archeology” of blogging. It’s simply: take a break from writing new content and focus on the older ones.

If you are thinking that it’s a useless waste of time, i can tell you that you are wrong. There are two big reason to do that: your style and improvement.

Let’s start from the improvement of your contents. Just think about this scenario: you are a blogger since five years and in all this period of time you have written hundreds of posts. You started with your very first post and since that moment you costantly write things. It’s the nature of being a blogger: write, communicate and connect with the other. Some of us are more productive than the other, but you will write a lot. What you maybe don’t realise is that, during all the hours and days, writing stuff to improve things, your skill improves…sometimes a lot. Have you ever tried to read your very first post? Sometimes people can think “did i really write this thing?” or ” Omg, it’s so ridicolous” or even maybe “the post is great, but there is still some potencial! And it’s completely normal: you change with your blog. Things, that back in the day were for you cool to write, are now maybe not so cool and sometimes you read them and you can’t say 100% “that’s me!” That’s the moment where probably you need to make some restauration on your blog.

This is the time where you should take a little break from your schedule, take a sit and something nice to drink and read back what you have written. Maybe you won’t find something to change, maybe you will. Who knows! But it’s for lot of us important to make sure that our blogs reflect who we are. What we post is a perfect reflection of our personality and thoughts in our mind and if you care of yourself, you should also care about your blog. Your style must be visible in your blog, in every single word you wrote. The more of yourself is “exposed” throught your blog, the more your style will be noticed and more people can fall in love with your product. There’s also another reason why you should often take a look of your blog.

Once you start wrtiting, especially if you open a blog writing in another language (like myself), it’s very important to correct ortographic errors, both because there are still plenty of them (sometime they are very small one, hard to see in the moment you write) and because you can link something, you have writte later, on your old post. I know that there’s a lot of work, but it’s necessary for a simple reason: once in internet, always in internet.

The blog in your post in not only on your blog, but in internet, which means that one day someone will read what you have written, even after years your publish it for whatever reason (and we have plenty of this cases). In this moment, it’s crucial that the “new” viewers is in the position to read something actual that reflect as much as possible who you are. If you don’t take care of your old posts, that person can have a wrong impression of who you are right now and maybe he or she can miss much more of your content, because you didn’t link the new content on your older post. It’s a little bit effort, i know, but we are talking about potencial new follower, maybe a new generation of followers that you can miss or have, based on the fact if you do some restauration once in a while.

Sometimes blogging is not only fancy, but also hard work and “make your hands dirty”

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