How does a perfect family look like?

The perfect family is something that every single person and every single kid wants and desire to live in. I mean, who does want to live in a crappy family where each members hates each other? Nobody wants that. I would not want that! Thinking about it, i was wondering, how does the perfect family look like?

Let’s start with the parents. I start from that because without them, there would not be any family in the first place. I can easily tell that there “must be love in the couple”, but it would be just too easy and simple to say that. I want to get a little bit deeper: what does that just mean?

I cannot demand that in a couple there will never be moments of boredom, missunderstandings or worries. We are human being, life is too long and some moments like that will happen. The question is: how do you want to deal with them? Do you want to use anger and frustration or do you want to use the calm and understanding to get over the problem and move on? That’s the first thing that a perfect family must have: no matter how big the problem is, the glass must be always half full. Dealing with problem is not bad, if you can keep the calm and if the person next to you is there with the support and help you need. You can be mad and angry at first, we are human, but then with bad feelings in your mind you ain’t go nowhere and the problem will be for you way much bigger than it is in reality. A positive mood in life is the key for the successful of the family.

I know that in family there are sometimes some fights going on, but it happens. The key is not to let them control you. It happens, deal with them and move on. It doesn’t absolutely make sense to keet the anger for days. It hurts you and the person who feels arleady guilty. As long as you alive, every problem has a solution!

Intimacy is another key factor, both mentally and physically. Even if i am not completey agree about the importance of the physical intimacy and the vision of the world around it, i truly believe that be good in the bedroom is not something wrong and it will improve the things between the two. What, however, is way much more important is the mental intimacy, where both partner can talk freely about absolutely everything without any kind of worries and fear. The more the partner are free to speak, the less “big secrets” there are in the couple (little tiny secrect there will always be) and the happier you can live your relationship. And with less secrets and completely openess the trust will increase…and we know how important trust is!

The two partner can be in disagree with small things, but with the big decision must be on the same page. Think about changing town, house or the idea of having kids. Those are life-changing decision which can create a disaster if the lovers are not agree on. If, for some whatever reason, there are differences of opinions, the previous paragraph must be apply. If you don’t speak clearly and you don’t find a solution that is good (but good for real) for both, the couple will explode sooner or later. There are topics in life where if the couple is not united it will be destroyed.

Now it’s time for kids. Doing always something together witht the kids is not necessary, a man, a woman and the kid itself need their private spaces, but the parents have to both present with the kids in case and they must be interchangeable. The future mom and dad decided to have a baby and both parents have the responsability of the kids, which means that both parents have to divide the “duties” (the things to do are just too much for just one person), but they must be absolutely in the position to make also the other partner’s job, in case the other is not in the condition to do (maybe he or she’s sick). So a couple must works. If just one of the partners does the entire job and the other does nothing, dark clouds will approach pretty fast and pretty soon. And they must be united also in how the kids will be raised. And more to say about that would be pretty useless.

Technically, you don’t need so much in a couple to be perfect: openess, intimacy, and be agree on the most important decision in life. However, for some reason, the “perfect couple” doesn’t exist. We try, but we fail. For once it was great to think about something so amazing like a perfect family.

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