The Magic of Christmas EVE!

When December comes there’s only one thing in my mind: Christmas! How can it not be? The light, the cold, the snow (that often doesn’t fall down from the sky), the christmas trees everywhere, decorations that bring joy into my heart and the Chritsmas present. It by far the best time of the year, where people get together.

Christmas Eve means two thing: the wait for Jesus’ birth and Santa Claus with the Christmas present.

I know that for lot of people religion doesn’t play a role in their lives and for other is just a huge waste of time, but technically Christmas is a catholic anniversary. Christmas Eve is a very special moment for all the christians around the world, because it’s the day where we all pray and wait until the birth of Jesus Christ. You can believe it or not, but this is what Christmas is about. And we do it with the people we love, especially those we don’t see for a long time. Christmas eve is the moment of the year when families get together and celebrate the most wonderful and joyful moment.

Christmas Eve is also the moment when the kids patiently waiting the coming of Santa Claus whit all the presents which will be open only on Christmas. At least it was what my parents told me. I loved Christmas as a kid. Every year i used to write a letter to Santa Claus with all the presents i wanted and on December 24th my parents brought me to the next mailbox to make sure that Santa received my letter and all my wishes. Once back home, there was the dinner.

Christmas eve’s dinner was the moment when Christmas officially started. In Italy people worked half a day, but then all the workes got home as fast as they could, to spend the rest of the day with the family…the entire family. When i was a kid, it was a moment of joy for me to see my dad came back home earlier and have all the relatives in the same room later in the evening. It was also amazing because my parents prerared every time a very delicious dinner and often i thought that my mom was a witch, because all the things i saw her cooking were there just in that moment…before i had no idea where they came from. Those moments were wonderful, with laughter, happiness and joy all over the table.

And then the night. As a kid i was not allowed to stay awake all night, because my parents told me that if i stood up late in the night, Santa Claus would have not come to give my presents. So i was like the kids in the movies: asleep, but whit one eye open, and hears perfectly working. And then i fall asleep, because i was very tired…even if it’s a wonderful day, Christmas Eve is an exhausting day both for kids and parents.

But i loved it. And still love it. Of course my approach of Christmas is changed, but i still love the entire month of December: the light on the street and in every house, the Christmas trees all over the city, the decoration everywhere, the songs and the “rush” to get the christmas presents and to buy all the ingredients you need to cook the best dinner ever.

I don’t care if lot of people think that now Christmas is just a consumistic holiday. I still love the feeling of Christmas and i will do everything i can to keep it in my heart as much and long as i can!

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