Merry Christmas 2021 Everybody!

And another 25th of December has come…that means only one thing: it’s Christmas!! Finally the best day of the year has come and now we are all together with family and friends to celebrate love, joy and happiness through laughter, kisses under the misteltoe and maybe happy kids around the house!

It’s the day of celebration of love. So, make sure that to have all around you all the poeple you love the most and enjoy every moment, especially the words and the weird habits of your grandparents. Be sure that you spend all the possible time together because they don’t have tons of Christmas after this one. Talk with them, kiss them, hug them and make sure you say “i love you!” as much as you can. Showing love is never enough, especially if on the other side someone is ready to keep it and make something outsranding out of it.

Don’t eat too much. I am pretty sure that some family out there (maybe yours) has started to prepare things already one week ago and Christmas Eve will be like staying in a Gordon Ramsey kitchen. I know that everything will be delicious and all the food is just there bagging you to eat them, but don’t be too aggressive, otherwise the belly will never go away!

Spend time with your kids. If you are a parent, be sure not to let your kids alone. I know that sometimes adults don’t get along amazingly with kids, but we are talking about your kids. They will not stay so young for so long and they truly believe on Christmas and Santa Clause, be sure to enjoy every single second of thier happiness and steal it some for you to keep it in your heart for those days where your kids will be too old and they will not do the same thing they did when they were small and funny. Christmas with babies is wonderful…don’t waste those opportunities to see something hard to put on words.

If you are alone, for many reason, call those you want to hear. I know that days like this alone are very sad, but we don’t live in the 18th Century. We can call whoevery we want, for free and it doesn’t really matter where they live. I know, it’s not the same, because you can’t hug them and you are not in the same room, but you are…even if it’s behind a screen. Try to reach everyone you care the most and tell them you love them.

Be grateful that you are alive, healthy and with a roof over your head. In this days of uncertainty, doubts, lot of worries and fear we have to thing about the positive things in our lives: we are still alive and healthy, something not so obvious in the last couple of years, the people we love and care the most are alive and healthy and we can stay in a warm place on this very cold days.

It’s for lot of us a different Christmas, maybe with few people involved. It doesn’t matter who you will be in your home, let them feel loved and welcome in your house and try everything you can to reach those who had no chance to be with you in this magical day. We all deserve to feel appreciated, wanted and loved, esepcially on Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everybody


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