Being a Blogger #20: is being lucky important?

I was watching my statistic the other day and they were good…They are not excellent, but they are good. Then i started to think: can my statistic be better? Well, of course they might be…with hard work and dedication everyone can do everything. The only problem i have with all of it is: is hard work enough? Is it something more we are missing?

The point that sometimes drives me crazy is the following: there are out there those who gets to the top, other that fails. Even if two people are both equally worthy the success, one wins and the other loses. It’s not a fight, i know that, however is crazy that two people, with the same talent and talking about the same topic, can have two very oppostite endings. But why is that? I think i have an idea. Hear me out!

There are only three ingredient for breaking throught the wall of success: being in the right time, in the right place talking about the right topic. The key is to have all the three condition at the same time, something never easy and never will be. Why? Because it’s very hard to have all this three things all together.

In my personal case, for example, i am at the right place, i am probably talking about the right thing, but i am maybe too late. I know that “it’s never too late for anything” but i have the weird feeling to have started too late. Maybe i am wrong, but it seems so. For me, for example, there is the huge chance to fail.

Or maybe you are in the right moment, in the right place but your topic are not wanted. In internet everything happens so fast. What was a trend topic two weeks earlier, maybe it can’t be anymore right now or in the future. I’m not saying that you will not do anything with you blog, but maybe you won’t reach the goals you had in mind when you started the journey.

And i can list you all the possible cases of your rise and fall, but i don’t want to. This is not the goal of this post. The only thing i wanted to do is that no matter how hard workd and dedication you might put in your blog, it’s not a certainty of success. I am agree with you if you say that if you don’t start somewhere you will never know and i get that. However you can control oly 90% of your faith, the crucial 10% belongs to luck. Being lucky is essencial to go somewhere. You must be lucky enough to be in the right place (social media or blogging platform) in the right time (when, for example, blogging is very loved) and talking about the right topic (in this case the trend topic can help you). Only if you get all this three condition spot on, then you can dream big, otherwise it’s maybe wiser to thing again of your goals.

“Can i help luck?” you can ask yourself. My answer is “yes, you can”.
First, don’t start to talk of something people doesn’t want to hear. For example, if racism or violence is not welcome, please don’t start to talk about George Floyd and the “black lives matter” movement (even if talking about racism is never enough, in my opinion). But if you have a topic that nobody talks about, something almost impossible in internet, please be my guest and try it. People doesn’t know what they want until they see it.
Second, you have to choose the right platform. Between Facebook and Instagram i would choose Instagram, for example, because there is much more interactions. Make sure to be in the right place, where people are very active and give support to other!
Third, right timing. Be sure to be in the right time in the platform you have choosen. The perfect timing is very hard to pick, becase it’s just too easy to miss. If something in internet is very loved, you have just one day maybe to make your move (writing a post about the trend topic, in your case). If you wait too long (like few days) the effects of your post can’t be as huge as it might be if you had started writing about the topic in the very first minute.

It’s absolutely hard to have everything: you maybe don’t know about the trend topic, you post too late, because you didn’t have the time to write earlier or maybe you post on the right platform. Everything can happen.

So, for me it’s crucial luck in blogging, because it helps you to make the difference!

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