We are ALONE in the Universe!

Since what happened in Roosvelt, the community of people who believe in alens has been getting pretty big, much bigger than you thing. I am also pretty fascinated to think about the possibility not to be not the only living being in the universe. However no one has knocked on Earth’s door. The question is: is there actually someone in the universe?

To answer this question i need some material from the youtube channels “Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell“, a wonderful youtube channel who talks about science in a very understandable and amazing way. Before even to start to talk about alines, we need to understand the universe we live in and how big really is. For that reason i leave you both videos (part 1 and 2) that explain how big the universe is and why is almost impossible to have aliens around us!

The “Fermi Paradox” is actually something that explain easily why we don’t have any contact so far with other species: either we are the first one intelligent species in the universe, other civilizations can not understand or even receive what we have to say or the other civilizations are too far away from us. In my personal opinions, i think we are pretty alone around here.

To be honest, even if the idea of someone elseb out there is thrilling to me, i am scared as hell. Maybe the aliens might come from Vulcano, maybe the can come from Kronos or they myght be the Borg. I just don’t want to live the end of humanity just because we have invited someone potecial dangerous and we didn’t have the security prepared. I am not sure if we will ever be ready fot the first contact. And that’s the problem.

If someone, from another planet, comes to us, those beings would come to us with a space ship or even more than just one…like a real spaceship…like Star Trek kind of spaceships. Which means that they have figured out how to travel into space. Just to put in perspective, we got just few times to the moon and we have still huge problem to colonize Mars, where we are absolutely happy if we get high-quality picture from the robot Nasa sent there back on Earth. How can we even communicate with those potencial aliens? If they come in peace, they would speak in a way we would never understand. We would look like babies for them. Not a wonderful way to start any kind of relationship And that’s the case if aliens are good. What if they are bad?

They have freaking spaceships, like the Asgard in Stargate. Those ships are for us absolutely unbeatable…i mean, how can you beat a spaceship that big, with a energy shield activated, with just a rocket from a jet. This is ridicolous, almost patheticly funny, to think about the fact that we could actually do it! “Indipendence Day” is only a movie. Those aliens will conquer the world in few minutes and we could do nothing about that. And then, might be the end of the world or maybe slavery for the entire humanity. No, i don’t want to live that!

No matter whow the first contact might you look like, we would not be ready for any kind of contact. I know that people put there need to know if there’s someone out there, but before that i would protect my life. I would rather develop my technology and get prepared for every possible situation. Then, i would start to search for some other living being out there. Right now it’s just too soon! At least, once i have the technology ready i can tall with them or kick their butts, if they try some aggressive move.

Maybe for you it’s not too early! Well, let me know your idea in the comments!

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