Funny Country Review #6: Japan.

Thing are about to get pretty interesting. I am really fascinated by Japan and its culture. We are talking of a millennial history. Even if i would love to visit Japan at least once in my lifetime, there are also a lot of “funny” or at least “weird” things that happens in Japan…and today i want to talk abou them!

I am a mess as a person. My room often looks like a battlefield. Sometimes it’s a huge chaos that often i have to put in order to find things again. But not in Japan. In Japan the order is so important that even babies come to this world perfectly clean and already dressed. I have never been in one of the big japanese cities, but i am pretty sure that i will not find any king of garbage on the street and the cities themeselves will look like brand new….something that in Europe is almost impossible, because people are different.

First thing first, they are absolutely clean. I mean, clean for real. Since day one of Japan, people there have started a war against any kind of dirt…and they are winning the war. If you are in Japan, you can see people on the street who bet millions of dollar just to find a dust mite. I am pretty sure that sooner or later, a museum of dirt will be opened to show the people how the country was before the “biggest cleaning” era. It’s absolutely ridicolously perfect the way they try to be as clean as possible. I know that it’s a form of respect for itself and the other, but this is in Europe something impossible…and talking about respect.

Japanese are probably the best people in the world. They treat everyone with respect. And right now i can say that it’s like a heaven on Earth: meeting people on the street that don’t want to annoy you, that are nice with stranger, if something happens, and they keep a sort of respectfully distance from the other is a dream. In the western part of the world we have a huge talent to annoy the others in so many horrible creative ways. For once i would love to walk on the street and see and feel some respect! That would be awesome. Respect is everywhere and define a daily life of every japanese. It’s so great to see that in at least one country in the world respect for the other and the private property is so important.

i don’t think that japanese know the word “rudeness”. Yes, maybe they might be rude with another person, it can happen, but the would still be by far nicer than european. I don’t know maybe it’s me, but i can’t imagine a rude japanese. It just too hard for me to imagine a sad japanese, or at least a japanese who throws all his or her frustration against someone else. They will try as much as they can to hide everything behind a huge smile and kindness. This is something i don’t like too much: i prefer someone honest who show feelings all the time, instead of someone who hide everything. But it’s just the way they are raised and i can’t do nothing about it, but it’s pretty sad thinking about the fact that often japanese are not allowed to show some feelings.

Despite all of that, they are freaking crazy and absolutely adorably weird. If you don’t believe me,on youtube there are a lot of japanese channels who show Tokyo or other big country’s “Extravaganza”: between cosplayers, transvestites and clubs where “undescrible things happens” (not because they are illegal, but you have literally no idea what’s going on), Japan has a lot to offer when the sun goes down…but even if the sun is high in the sky. You know what? I love that. I would rather see this kind of “free extravaganza” than people who repress what they are. And talking about “weirdness”, Japan is probably the only country in the world where people are so obsessed by Anime and Manga that decide to go out on the street wearing their superhero’s costume like it was a normal thing. It’s so cool and fascinating, because in Europe cosplayer would have watched like “crazy” while in Japan is maybe a nirmal thing to see. And talking about Anime…

I have to thank Japan, because they have entertained me with their wonderful Anime like Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, One Piece, Naruto and so many other. Every afternoon after school i sit on the couch watching gret entertainment. It was funny. Now i don’t watch them so often, people change, but i remember with joy all the afternoon spent watching Detective Conan, One Piece and Naruto. Also my sister grew up with japanese Anime in the 80s.

Last thing is technology. I mean, Japan is famous for being the most technological country in the world. They have just one mission in their lives: make sure that robost and technology will replace us in the near future in lot of very hard works. It’s sound great and the only country they can do is Japan…not China, Not United States and even not Europe. Japanes have the will, dedication and phisolophy to get throught a lot of work and get the job done….even if sometimes in the past they have showed to much dedication of their work… Technology also mean Gaming. And here i just can name two companies: Sony and Nintendo. Do i really have say something more about that?

I am really fascinated by Japan. One day i will go there and see with my only eyes all the fascination and crazyness of this country!

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