2021 Years Review

And another year is about to be archive in history. I have been trying to write this post since days and i have to tell you: it’s pretty hard to make a recap for this year. I mean, it’s 2020 all over again. What a very boring year 2021 was! Anyway, let’s try to look back and see if it was a boring year for real. Ready to get mad or fall asleep?

Let’s start with the good news: in January Joe Biden became the new president of the United States and it was a relief for lot of people in the country, especially mexican, muslim and black americans. Under Trump’s administration it was a nightmare or even a living hell for big parts of the american society. Finally the nightmare was over. However, if you are a blogger or a journalist, you have not been having so much news, scandals or controversy to write or talk about in 2021. Let me tell you: it better like this! I could not stand anymore someone so dangerous like Trump as president: everytime he spoke it was a threat against someone or a bad decision was taken. Just make sure that we forget the Trump’s administration pretty quickly.

After that…well, on a personal level, Italy won “Euro 2020” against England, in Wembley. How cool was that! I mean, Italy played very good soccer and we were the outsiders, althought we have a insane winning streak before the competions began. More than that, i loved how english people since the beginning of the competition said “We are the best”, “we are the only worthy nation to win the trophy”, “#letsgohome”. Well, let me tell you something, english fans: “#ItscomingRome”!

North Korea has not been to threatening the world anymore. It’s something positive. With Trump, Kim-Jong-Hun were so ready to hit the button and destroy humanity and now he doesn’t speak anymore. I like that! I mean, we all know that North Korea has no chance against the United States, but China and Russia did. Finally, people understood that starting and winning the war, but dying anyway because there’s no more food to eat and clean air to breath, was not a smart move.

And Covid. I know, you don’t want to hear about it, me neither, but if you want to make a truthful review, it’s not fair not to write anything about the pandemic. It was the second year in a raw where our lives are and freedoms were limited. It has been and still is a pretty exhausting time for the people inside the hospitals and for all the people outside. It wasn’t that great not to be sure what to do and what not. It was even harder to catch up to all the rule changings we had in Europe. Will 2022 be better? I have absolutely no idea. Nobody has. The only thing we have to do is just still keep having patience, do what the people in charge tell us to do and hope for the best.

That’s pretty it. I know that in all the countries a lot of things happened, but all those moment are not world-defining-moments. In 2021 the news that changed the world, even if for a little bit, were very few. From one side is a good thing, because the world itself is in “peace” (besides from Ukraine and big parts of Africa), but if we can’t enjoy this peace, because we have to stay home as much as possible, is not a great thing after all!

Let’s hope for 2022.

See ya


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