Funny Country Review #7: Canada!

Have you ever heard of a country called Canada? Well, if you are an american, maybe yes (especially when you need a joke, Canada comes pretty useful), but for the rest of the world? Have you ever heard something from Canada? Because i didn’t. I have never heard something from it. Are we sure that this country exists? Let’s see.

Geographically, Canada is above United Stated and both countries share the northern border…the entirely border. Canada and U.S.A. are so huge that the border is the size of an entire continent. However, even if Canada is huge geographically, it’s not as huge in population as you can expect: we are talking something like 40 million people in country big almost 10 millions square kilometres. With all this land available for every single citizens, i can only imagine how big houses really are. I am pretty sure there a theme park in every single house. I would do that!

It’s huge, one of the most industrialized country on planet and they have an NBA team (the Toronto Raptors), but still none of us is interested in Canada. Why? Maybe because it’s boring, dangerous or too hard to reach? No, i tell you why: because Canada is boring…in the most sweetest and nicest way possible.

You have never heard from Canada because they do what a normal country should do: be nice with other and take care of their businesses, without playing Risiko with the entire world or trying to destroy it using all the possible reseources and producing too much pollution. That’s what they do. They have their own wonderful land, created by some Vikings God, and they are now ejoying what they have, between wonderful nature and very fascinating cities. They are ready to help and cooperate to mantain peace in the world and make sure to give to the next generation a better world. You know what? I would love to live in a “boring” coutry like this.

I am really intrigued my Canada, because i have no idea what’s going on over there. I live in this world long enough to tell you that i have never heard a single news about Canada on television or newspaper, bad one or a good one. Nothing, nada, niente, nichts. I mean, compared to United States, they look like the quite guy in a corner of the room who nobody cares and U.S.A. looks like the bully in the high school who wants your money and your lunch. I like the fact that at least one country in this world knows how to treat others. I have never heard of controversy or fight between Canada and other country. If you have, please inform me, however i am pretty sure that the “controversy” you have heard is maybe something useless and it has been solved in few days with calm and respect, a tipycal behaviour of a mature people…a mature country in this case.

Apart from the calm, respect and wonderful boredom that distinguish Canada, there are other few things i would love to see and personally witness.

The first one is the nature. I don’t know you, but i would spend weeks or even months of my life absorbed by the canadian nature: forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, the Niagara Waterfall three different oceans and the nothern part of the country that is basically the beginning of the North Pole. If you love nature, you are in the right place, because you have everything you need to be happy in your vacation. If you don’t like nature, or you need something more than that, you can have it. Canada is not only nature, but also wonderful cities, like Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and other small other cities that are worthy to be visited. You can entertain yourself and experience how a civilized country looks like. So dope! And it would be thrilled to see people speak flawless to different language, english and french, and too se how they have mixes them together! That would be too dope for me!

As a european citizens, it’s a little bit too hard to get ther, because i have to take a flight from here to Canada and because of the jetlag. However, if i had the money and the time to do a vacation in Canada, this would be exactly what i would do. Yes, America is great, we all know that, but Canada is much more romantic. More than that, i loved “How i met you Mother” and i can’t literally wait to see, live and breath the origin of Robin Sparkles.

One day i will get to Canada and it will be awesome!

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