Being a Blogger #21: Are comments something good?

Maybe it will be in few weeks, maybe never or maybe in few minutes, but for sure one day you will have on your phone the following notification: “congratulation! someone has left a comment your post!” Then you open the social media (or your blog) and then you read it. In this specific moment there are two possible scenarios: a bad comment and good one. The question is: how to react and do in those cases?

I would tell you, like all the other blogger and expert in internet, to react accordingly. So, if a comment is good you have to be good and the meanest the comment, the rudest your answer. Well, i am not sure about that. Let me explain you.

Let’s start with nice comments. Nice comments are great to receive and read. It’ always good to read when someone appreciate your content. However, those comments are pretty useless, because there is already the like botton. More than that, reading someone who tells you “you are great”, “it’s amazing” and other thing like that are pretty useless for me, because i don’t have any kind of feedback. But that’s my personal opinion. What to do with them? Just be nice, easy! I mean, what would you do? Insult someone who was nice and kind with you? No, you just don’t.

Then it’s time to discuss about bad comments. Bad comments are never good to receive, people say. I would be agree with you, but criticism belongs also to bad comments. Technically not all the bad comments are so bad after all, but i am not saying that we have now to accept all the comment we receive, because there might be the chance that those bad comments are not so bad. 99% of the bad comments are very mean, like insults on a professional and personal level. About them i would love to talk about.

Once you receive a mean comments you have only one thing to do…actually two: ignore them or delete them. Please, don’t answer them, because it might be the end. Why?
I just want to play a little game with you: imagine you receive an insult. You receive the notification of your phone, but you have no idea what kind of comment might be. So, you open the comment and you see that it is a very painful and mean one. Your first reaction would be to show who you are and reply accordingly. Don’t even think to start to write am answer, bevcause as soon as you start to insutl someone else, two things happen: you probably will receive more hatred and second turn into the evil one, even if you were right to do that.

Why? Because there is the freedom of speech. Technically EVERYONE can say and write everything and all those people get away with any kind of consequence almost all the time. The freedom of speech protects people from anything. Some of us hide themselves behind it to spit in other’s faces virtually. You can’t actually do anything if he or she insults you. The only way you can do something is when he or she tells you something wrong and very bad against you. In that case you can bring this person in court and let him or her legally pay for hir or her actions. It cost anyway time, money, energy and you don’t have 100% certainty you are gonna win. Even if you win, there’s maybe the high probability that you will look like someone who doesn’t accept critics and thinks to be God.

Once you get a mean message, don’t anwers that, because it was written with the specific reason to make you mad and start a fight, because who will insult you will get visibility and maybe followers, you will only receive disapproval because a star or a famous person is not allowed to answer accordingly: he or she must take the answer and thanks that person because of the follow and the comment, because it’s thanks also to those people that you have what you have. For the world you must be grateful!

Yes, world is weird…especially internet!

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