My blogging Year (2021) review

I started my blogging journey only later this year (on November 18th), so my “year review” will be actually a “month review”, however i want share with you all the progress i have made since day one, because you are also the reason of my successes (or my failures) from now on, so i think it’s a nice thing to do to tell you how big thigs are or not.

First thing first, i just want to say thank you to all the people who left a comment, a like or have just visited my blog randomly. You have been giving me some very good support and a motivation to keep working hard, to make sure to improve and to be a better blogger and a better person.

With that’s been said, how was my “journey” in 2021?

It was funny, even if it sometime a little bit hard.

When i enjoyed the blogging universe, i knew that it might be very hard to let people know that i was here with my own personal offer and almost impossible to find someone to talk with. And it was hard. I wrote a lot and i struggle to make people aware of my presence and to let them read what i had to say. For the first weeks there was work hard and no reward. Then something changed on December 10th, 18th and 20th. In those days my blog “exploded”. I didn’t become like Chiara Ferragni, the very talented New Lune or or the lovely and extremely nice Olivia Lucie Blake, absolutely not, but in comparision with the previous days i have three time more views and 5 times more likes than usual. I though there was some mistakes, but then i take the numbers.

It was insane and amazing to watch. I knew that it was not something that would have last forever, but it was quite nice to see people appreciate what i have to say. It was a nice feeling, that gave me even more motivation to work even harder in the future. Since then it was like my blog made a little step forward because i improved my like numbers and the daily views overall. Maybe the WordPress’ algorith has started to spam my blog a little bit more, or my post were just good enough. I don’t know, even if i would love to know that, but looking my numbers right now i can tell you that i am pretty happy with the results, but i know that there is quite some margin of improvement.

I am getting better in writing, which is a good thing. I still do quite some little mistakes here and there, and often i need more time to correct the post than righting it, but i fell a little bit more confident and now it’s for me a little bit easier to express my thoughts logically. Looking my improvement in my last month, i can’t wait to see how good i can become in the next months.

Here are my numbers in 2021:
Views: 619
Likes: 376
Followers: 26
Comments: 12

I know myself that numbers alone don’t get the entire picture, but looking them i can tell you that in my opinios they are decents numbers. It could be more, i know, but it can be much less. For now i take everything i have had since day one and i appreciate that!

I can’t tell you more about my blog. It was a late call opening this blog and my journey is only in the very beginning, however is feel good and i am ready for great things in 2022. Thank you for those, who is supporting me right now and those who will joyn my community later.

See ya in 2022


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