The “Hidden” part of the Web!

Let’s play a little game: try to describe internet in three words. Well, in my case, that would be: free, huge and funny. I am sure you would have probably other words (let me knwo them into the comment). Althought for you funny and free might not be exacty the words you would use, the word huge is actually true. However there’s much more in the word huge that you probably don’t know.

Every time you say “huge” to describe internet, you are basing your thoughts on what you can see. However, there is also the other part of the internet, the one you can’t see…and should not see.

Think of Internet as a huge Iceberg: there’s the part you can see (mostly the top), but then there’s all the rest of the iceberg under the surface of the sea. You don’t see it, but it’s there. Relating the iceberg to internet, the part you can see is the internet you know, made of Social media, Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Youtube, the adults entertainment and all the blogs and forums. Then there’s the secrets side of internet…for someone the part of internet to avoid and the most dangerous one: the first one is the Deep Web and the second is the Dark Web. Why are these parts secrets?

The point is to understand what the word “secret” really means. The word secret means that you don’t want to share with all the people what you have or do. The reason are actually only two: it’s controversial or illegal…anyway you have “fear” of the consequences. If you cheat on your partner or you rob a bank, you don’t tell anybody, right? That’s why Deep Web, and especially Dark Web, have been created.

What is the Deep Web? The Deep Web is the internet that the search engines cannot index. The information in it are impossible to be found. You could maybe find them only if you look for it…and even if you do, those informations are not easy to have.
Why is Deep web almost unaccessable? Well, to make things easier, privacy and security: if all the information in the deep web would be indexed by the search engines, it woud be a nightmare for the users and the for the search engines, because it would be too much information to handle. Second, lot of those are, for example, Online Banking, E-Mail services, messages on Social Media and Payments tracks. It’s all there. They are in the Deep Web because they must be protected by the curiosity of the others. There’s nothing illegal around here. In this case it’s all secret because the release of the entire “Deep Web” might be pretty controversial. WikiLeaks, for example, comes from the Deep Wep, where sensible information were intercepted, found and published. In the Deep web there are also normal people, like you and me, who have created their sites to share and talk about everthing without being disturbed, also the security agencies around the world and much more.

Then we have the Dark Web…and thing are about to get interesting…i should say creepy. There are a lot of storie around Dark Web, so all the thing i will tell you right now are not from a personal experience and might not be true. However, there are tons of testimonies from lot of people who said the exact same thing: Dark Web is pure madness.
Dark Web is the illegal side of the Deep Web, a huge Black Market where everything can be bought and sold…literally everything. I’m not gonna tell you what exactly is sold there, but let’s say that it’s an all-inclusive servive around criminality. And there are aslo other stuff…that actually are too bad to be told. If you want to know exactly what kind of thigs are done in that dark place, do it for yourselves. And this is why the dark web is secret: because it’s illegal.

Now the question is: is it a good thing to have a “secret internet”? Yes. The problem is not the fact that the whole Deep Web is “secret”, but the way we use it. If, for lot of companies, Deep Web is useful to protect the informations, on the other side, in the Dark Web, there are those who want to make money in a very twisty and illegal way. The real question is “why anybody does anything to stop the dark web?” Easy answer: it’s almost impossible to know who is inside both the deep web and the dark web. Everything is anonymous and fake (IP adresse, names, E-Mails) and has no links to the person behind the screen, so the government can do nothing to avoid anything. The FBI needen months to get into an iPhone…do you really think they can do anything about something so much big like the Dark Web?

If i were in you, i would stay here in the internet we perfectly know…even if there are sometimes bad thing to see, it’s nothing compaired of what you might see in that very horrible place called the Dark Web. If you are curiour about it, i leave you this and this link, so you can read for yourself. However, be very careful!

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