“Be in Shape!”: Right or Wrong choice?

No matter where i look at, everywhere i see people who tells us, directly or indirectly, to get up from our lounge chair and go to the gym. Think about it: after Christmas we need the gym to lose weight, before summer women need to make sure that they can still wear bikinis. There’s always a reason to go to the gym. Is it something right?

I don’t know you, but i have the weird feeling that we are getting too far with this “be always in shape” philosophy. As soon as i open Instagram, there are men and women, especially women, who record themselves while they are doing some exercises or they advice you to follow some specific diets or training to get in shape in time for the summer. I have only one question: why do i have to get in shape at any cost?

I know those people are not forcing anybody to do anything and they are just showing what they love, but i don’t like the fact that those people have to indirectly tell us that being in shape is a wonderful thing and we all need to do that to live a healthy and a amazing life. The sadder part is that the world is encouraging that kind of mentality that we have absolutely do some sport and eat healthy as much as we can. It’s all that great. I have only one question: what if i can’t?

Internet is populated by all kind of people. Between them there are those who can move themselves freely and those who just can’t. I think of obesity, for example. Obesity is a illness. People don’t get obese because they want to. They are like that, because of their body and sometimes they can’t do anything about it. I follow and italian youtuber called “Cicciogamer89“. Until a couple of years ago, he weighted more than 200 kilos. He tried everything he could to lose weight and to improve his health, but he could not do it, not because it was too lazy, but because of his body. So, he decided to get under surgery to solve his problem….multiple times. Now he is very close to get into his ideal weight, but the journey he made was insane. He was lucky, because he could do it, but how many other people out there are suffering for the same problem and they can do nothing about it?
Their lives are already hard, then imagine those people who see and hear everywhere people who tell them basically that the only acceptable way to live in this world is to be in shape. It’s a freaking nightmare.

Or i think about people who are not obese but, for millions reason, they can’t get in shape and they are “curvy” (please, allow me the word “curvy”). What about them? It’s a little bit frustrating to see people telling them “hey, fatty! Lose weight, because you are too embarrassing for the society!” And telling those things are not olny people like you and me, but lot of superstars, who should absolutely avoid those kind of things. Let me explain.

Celebrities around the world get to the gym. Not all of them, but a lot of them. Now, those people have personal trainers, the best tools and time to achieve what they need. There’s nothing wrong with famous people be in shape, the problem is when they post their workout, trying with hashtag like “#fitnessmotivation” or catchphrases like “if i did, you can do it too!” to convince them that “that lifestyle is the one you should have!”. How much mean can it be? It’s not only an innocent post of them having a nice workout, it’s like saying “you will never do nothing good in your life if you are not like me!” This is the wrongest thing to do. You don’t know who is watching your content. How many people are depressed, are mentally or physically sick, because of those subliminal messages?

Is it hard to accept people just like that? Is it so hard to think that things you normally do are maybe impossible for someone else and those people might suffer a lot for that? Do you want to get to the gym all day? Well, do it, but don’t “force” them to follow your lifestyle, because most of them just can’t.

They key is to be fine with our body and with our minds and be free to choose whether to lose weight or not. Having a super thin and athletic body is not the way for everyone to be happy. We need to accept what we are and have some respect for the others! I am personally not in shape, but i feel great with myself and i am medically healthy. Once you are happy, everything is fine. That’s my thought.

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